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Shame October 21st, 2007

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - Staff Review
The Fall of Dureth... Or Is It? 3.0/5 Staff Review Sean Kepper
Folklore - Staff Review
A Murder in the Village of the Dead? Tell Me This is a Joke... 4.5/5 Staff Review Sean Kepper
Super Paper Mario - Staff Review
Office Paper Space 3.5/5 Staff Review Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Reader Retroview
Eine Symphonie des Grauens Reader Review Jeremy Michael Gallen

Closing Time

[10/21/2007]   I am shamed to admit that I have been sucked back into the highly addictive online drug known as World of Warcraft. A friend recently started playing and talks about it incessantly, and my penchant for reminiscing once again brought back the cravings. So now I'm back playing a new character on a new server. Curse you, Blizzard, and your ability to make great games!

   This week, RPGamer's weekend Q&A host Sean Kepper has reached copper status, with two reviews for the two RPGs on the PS3 (I jest, there are actually four RPGs on the PS3.) We also have a review for Super Paper Mario from Editorials commander-in-chief Macstorm and one from Jeremy for Castlevania 2.

   My inbox is still rather full at the moment, but don't let that stop you from sending in reviews! Let's see if we can stockpile it up to twenty. That'd be a sight to see.



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