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Tall Towers March 18th, 2007

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Closing Time

[03/18/2007]   Why must people build their towers so high? The one in Final Fantasy XII was bad enough as it is, but some of the ones I've seen more recently put it to shame.

   To even things out, this week's column will be short. Well, not really. We got enough last minute submissions to create another huge update. Yay ^^. Ishmael has also already achieved the rank of copper. Congrats ^^.

   Ah yes, it is also the time of year where we are accepting spoof reviews for our April Fools update. Check them out in our archives if you are unfamiliar with them, and feel free to email me if you have questions.

   One final note: I won't be around as much this coming week, though I'll still be able to check my email. Just a warning.

Derek 'Roku' Cavin climbs and climbs and climbs...



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