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[09/29/2002]   For those who are savvy in the lore of the modern Olympic Games, Bob Beamon is the U.S. hurdler who literally destroyed the long jump record by over 2 feet in the 1968 games in Mexico City. His jump was so ridiculous that no one was able to beat it until 1991, when Mike Powell just barely topped his record.

In a similar fashion, regular reader reviewer Robust Stu has pulled a Bob Beamon and submitted 11 reviews in one night. While you won't see them all on at once, the accomplishment is worth noting, and it bumps his total from 8 to 19 reviews. Congratulations - now we just need to get everything converted!

 Submission Booboos -  Quick Checklist for a Review

Here's a very quick run-down of everything needed for a staff review - if you're forgetting something, check this list. Details are found in our submission guide.

  • Title
  • Screenshots (2-4, if possible from our site or your own capture)
  • Scores for each section
  • 750-1000 words, 2000 absolute maximum

Other than that, keep it up. It's great to be able to update this site at least once a week without worrying too much about new material.

  ~  Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Robust Stu's record burst will be split into several of our updates, although as a courtesy to one of his previous requests - we bump him up to Silver status today. Congratulations!

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  Not the Worst Game Ever, But Pretty Close 2 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Zelda: A Link to the Past - Retroview
  A Masterpiece in Every Sense Of The Word 6 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Retroview
  Not for the lactose intolerant 5 Reader Review Phillipe Richer  
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - Review
  Lateral Progression 6 Reader Review Jake Alley  
Legion: Legend of Excalibur - Review
  Blasphemy of Arthurian Proportions 3 Reader Review Paul Koehler  
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