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    All-Star Madness  

[07/12/2002]   Well, not really. It's kinda ironic that my hometown got to host the recent Major League All-Star game, as our hometown team is horrid. Regardless, this is a city that tries its best to maximize tourism during our (short) summer months. So far, so good...

Another group that capitalizes on the summer months is our readers, as this is the perfect time to get through those epic games. We all know what we're doing with our vacation (*ahem*). Regardless, take a look at the latest summer batch. To our American readers, a belated Independence Day.

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We require our reviews to be a certain lengths for a few reasons, one of them being so we can fit the text on our handy template. Nevertheless, our FAQ also has some pointers as to how you can extend those reviews to the recommended length. Two huge things that should help out - make sure to cover all the points of the game (Visuals, Plot, Interface, etc.), and elaborate in detail on those aspects if you liked (or disliked) them. Covering all the topics will usually get you the necessary length, but if not - a flame or two on a particular aspect of the game will almost always help (and add some controversy as well :) ).

  ~  Paul "Amish" Koehler

 Today's Reviews

Amish: Congratulations to Robust Stu for hitting Bronze status - it's good to see that category gain another member (with material for the venerable Quest for Glory series as well). Also, a nod to Red Raven - could he be achieving Blue status in the near future? RPGamer's resident import guru Tony Green gives his opinion on a recent GBA title, as well as our News Head, Andrew Long, and his opinion on Golden Sun.

Quest for Glory - Retroview
  The Beginning Of Something Good 7 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire - Retroview
  Sun, Sand, And Suffering In Shapeir 8 Reader Review Robust Stu  
The Legend of Zelda - Retroview
  A Classic Game Everybody Should Play 9 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - Retroview
  The Sequel...Does It Live Up To The Original? 7 Reader Review Robust Stu  
Baldur's Gate - Retroview
  Birth Of An Epic? 6 Reader Review Red Raven  
Fallout - Retroview
  Nuclear War In A Box 8 Reader Review Red Raven  
Fallout 2 - Retroview
  And Now, The Rest Of The Story 8 Reader Review Red Raven  
Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis - Review
  When Mermaids Attack! 5 Staff Review Tony Green  
Golden Sun - Review
  All That Glitters Is Not Gold 5 Staff Review Andrew Long  
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