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The Shockwave Of The Second Blitz

[02/26/02]: This is Paul 'Amish' Koehler, and I'm here to cover as the secondary updater in Paws' absence. Have no fear, she and the reviews staff will be hosting Q&A this week so you won't entirely lose sight of the resident cat.

To continue a long standing tradition of RPGamer, PsoV has a quote for our readers to identify (located in the title of today's update/column/thingy)... And those who do will be awarded with the infamous tilde. A hint - the source is less than a year old and hasn't been released in North America yet. Anyways, that's all I have to say for tonight. For those of you who are feeling the first blitz of exams for the semester, I wish you the best of luck. See ya!

ASV: Send us questions for the Q&A column, puhlease? I'd beg but I'm getting too used to that  ;)  Just send ol' Paws anything you want to know the answers to and we'll check it over. Now's a good chance to ask questions about the games on our reviews list, so get crackin'!

One last note about the reviews this week, our rookie Paul did all the HTMLizing and file uploading this week, so you know where to send the harassment mail now, don't you?

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A Call To The Mac-Daddies
Fear not Macintosh users! We have it in our powers to accept reviews from you as well. Thanks in large part to our own RPGamer Mac resident, we can accept HTML files compressed with your 'Stuffit' program. No more need to hastily slap the code directly into your email (and thus, virtually eradicate the semblance of the page). Just stick the file(s) in a .sit and ship 'em our way.
  - Zachary "ASV" Lewis & Paul "Amish" Koehler

PsoV Invades Q&A
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Key to Table:
White: 1-4 reviews submitted.
Bronze: 5-9 reviews submitted.
Silver: 10-14 reviews submitted.
Gold: 15+ reviews submitted.
Red: 30-49 reviews submitted.

ASV: I'm not even gonna speculate on how it has been done, but Desh has managed to double his reviews in one update. For Jake Alley or I to do that would be utterly impossible, so... Desh; keep it up while you can, and I'll be expecting 12 next time  >;)
Amish: Congratulations are in order for Desh, who blitzes his way to silver with six more reviews, tying his previous record.
Final Fantasy X - Review
Yet Another Final Fantasy 8 Reader: Vic
The Legend of Zelda - Retroview
Who'da Thunk It? 7 Reader: Desh
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Retroview
Prequel? Sequel? WHAT? 9 Reader: Desh
Zelda II: Adventure of Link - Retroview
Link's Other Half 7 Reader: Desh
Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction - Retroview
A Complete Enhancement 9 Reader: Desh
Final Fantasy IV - Retroview
A Small Step For Japan, A Giant Leap For America 3 Reader: Desh
Final Fantasy V - Retroview
A Stepping Stone 6 Reader: Desh
Final Fantasy X - Review
Iconic Series Lives Up To Its Hype 9 Staffer: Paul Koehler

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