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[10/07/01]: Well. Mark this day on your calendar, folks. This is, by my records, the first time that Paws has handed over the reigns of power when she could've updated herself (excepting when she traded Q&A with Googleshng that time). I suppose that means I'm moving up in the world, ne?

I figure that this first update of mine should tell you something about me. I've been working at RPGamer since August 18th of this year. Quite the newbie, really. I've spent the last 5 years scouring the internet and doing web design with my friends (I'd link all of you to my homepage, but it's not even remotely ready for that...).

Stuff you may have gathered about me from my reviews might include that I like most any game developer, have a pretty vast variety of game consoles, play a lot of games, and generally speaking, don't have much of a personal life. I guess that's a good qualification for me getting the job here, huh? Lots of free time. Whenever I get around to posting something interesting about myself, like an RPGamer Staff Bio, I'll make a little note somewhere. Until then, you're stuck knowing me this little.

Okay, now to the PsoV business at hand. Last week, we mentioned that we'd be posting Red Raven's 'Going Red' speech, and without further adieu, here it is:

Red Raven:
Well, it seems I have earned the honor of appearing before you all once again, in jubilation of my addition fifteen reviews submitted. While this is certainly not the best of times to be jubilating all over the place, neither is it a time to be moping around. Building bomb shelters and huddling under tables is exactly what these terrorists want us to do. So fight back: read, go to the movies, go to the mall, buy things, drive your car, paint your house, talk to your friends, draw a picture, surf the internet, go on a walk, mow the grass, send an e-mail, write a review…all things that anyone can do to send a message back to the terrorists. Basically, do something, and do not live your life in fear.
I felt that needed to be said, and I also feel something else disturbing needs to be addressed: feedback. At the threat of sounding pretentious here, I have written 30 reviews thus far, and have only received three pieces of feedback. Three. Yes, I understand that we are all busy with something or another, but if you take the time to read the reviews, at least attempt to make a reviewer’s day by sending them a message afterward. You do not have to agree with the review either; any feedback at all is certainly better than this 10:1 ratio that is currently in effect.
On that note, I must be off. I want to, once again, thank Andreas, David, and Aaron for suffering through school with me ("Let’s see that again!"), Emily for the "insightful" Tarot card readings, Jnel for the stickers, Riley for the wings, Wendy for the laughs, Amy P. for taking the weekend shift, Mat for competitive art contests, the local library for giving me a job so I can buy more games, Mr. Diehl for pushing us all over the edge of sanity, Mr. Ludban for "teaching" us all that you can cheat your way through college and still become a teacher, Ms. G for being the worst art teacher ever, the people over at Square for making the best games ever and for giving me good reasons to review, Paws for allowing me to rant and rave like this, and finally, the THREE PEOPLE that were considerate enough to spend two seconds of their time to tell me how they liked the reviews. You know who you are. Thank you, and good night.

One last note pertains to the No Reader Reviews list. I just finished totally rebuilding it and updating it, so hopefully it'll stay permanently up to date for awhile now. We're also working on reworking all the review templates, and make some pages with statistical information in much the same vein as BLAlien did for PsoV's 1st anniversary. Peace out until next week!

Reviews Submissions BooBoos

Just as a small addendum to Red Raven's request, we'd also like to encourage that readers write to authors. Especially for reviews that you agree with. I have had a very similar experience myself, except that I receive quite a bit more mail. If you agree with someone, let them know. It'll make them realize that they're not wasting their efforts. But, more importantly, if you mail them to disagree, be intelligent and let them know why you feel the way you do. Don't just flame us. Thanks everyone!
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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