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Chicken, Anyone?

[09/30/01]: Ever hear that phrase "running around like a chicken with its head cut off"? Boy, do I feel like a pooped, decapitated chicken after all this activity this week.

So, the apartment should be ready November 1st. I'm anxious to move in, be out on my own again, etc. That, and I'm stuck in the boonies right now with no license :P.

ASV will be doing most of this update, as the darn internet provider can't switch us over to unlimited until October 1, even though they were asked at the middle of the month (which is when the bill is paid). When I asked why this was, the answer was: "This is PEI." Things are much more slower and relaxed than what I'm used to, hehe ^^;;.

Now, onto a big YAY! YAY! for Red Raven, our first official red reader. Seems quite fitting, but it was a tight race at the end. Red was going to give me a big hokey speech, but he doesn't seem to have emailed it to me, so it'll have to go into the next update. Oh, and also watch for us possibly appearing in Q&A some time in November (gotta give Q&A some time to settle down).

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Don't back down
Yeah, this will sound like it belongs in eds, but it's an important thing to remember: Make a stand, and stick with it. If you don't like a game, make sure your scores and review reflect it, and don't be wishy-washy. There's a fine line between merely saying, for example, a game isn't fun, and giving reasons, and just having the stand "This game sux" (which I actually got in a review submitted this week. Mmhmm).
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Red: 30-49 reviews submitted.
Blue: 50-74 reviews submitted.

ASV: First off, we just want to congratulate Red Raven for going red. Now Ciddy'll have another reason to fix that page up. Secondly, we want to congratulate Paul Koehler for going bronze. Way to go fellas. Keep the reviews comin' so we can update this place. A lot of you have probably already seen my Zelda: Oracle of Seasons review, but you guys get another chance, just in case. Lastly, I'd just like to mention that I'm happy the average review score seems to be going down from about 7.5 to 5 or 6, lately. Review some of your really terrible games so that the reviews at RPGamer show a broad range of things. Thanks, and seeya next week!
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