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[09/07/01]: We have more news and updates this week before we get to the reviews.

First off, all the Archives by Author have been redone AGAIN. The new layout was kept, but now staff reviews have been categorized slightly different. Staff Reviews written after the stricter guidelines came in (this was around September 2000), are now on the main page. Those reviews written before these guidelines came into effect or as a reader, now have their reviews housed in the corresponding area. This separation is to help show the evolution of the quality of staff reviews over the past year and a half.

Also, I realized belatedly there were some 404s in the archives. They should now be all gone. Thanks to Jake Alley for helping me with this project.

There will be plenty more work on the archives, both through games.html and by redoing and/or updating old PsoV updates. I'll keep on posting what has been done over the time between updates. Feedback on whether you like these changes, and any comments on what you would like to see done next, are welcomed and greatly appreciated. This section couldn't run if it wasn't for the excellent contributors and readers I have! =^^=

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Please take note, and read the submission guidelines! They're there to help you send me your work in the correct formats. Please note: I do not accept .doc format. I can't drive home this point enough.
The extension of your review should be .html; not .htm, not .jhtml, not .phtml.
Adhering to these submission rules makes my life and yours a lot easier, because I don't have to reject your review because it is in an unsuitable format this way.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Good news! For those DYING to know what FFX will be like, we have an import review for you to read. Quite extensive, too. Happy reading. Also, the Robopon review is quite...interesting. It now counts as the game given the worst review ever.
Final Fantasy X - Import Review
The most fun you've had with one of these things in years. 9 Reader: Jim
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Retroview
Link and The Flying Whale 8 Reader: Paul Koehler
Robopon - Review
When the cheap knockoff costs as much as the classic... 2 Staffer: Jake Alley
Ogre Battle - Retroview
See What A Touch Of Madness Can Do..? 7 Staffer: Zachary Lewis

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