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[08/27/01]: As promised, today Jade Falcon is with me, along for the ride so he can learn the ins and outs of PsoV. However, before we get down to the reviews themselves, there has been a couple improvements to the section, which I'd like to bring your attention to now.

First off, all the Archives by Author have been redone. New Layout, slightly different amount of information. Feedback, good or bad, as to whether or not you like this new change would be greatly appreciated!

We also welcome one more member to the reviews staff. Surprisingly, it's a female. Everyone welcome Michelle. She will be bringing us a lot of import reviews, so watch for her work!

I'm very impressed by the quality of reviews I'm getting from the readers lately...however, there is so little of it :P The beginning of school...sigh. Almost makes me wish I was going back to school. Just a little though.

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"Are you hiring?"
Why am I putting it again? People are still asking.
I really wish people would sit back and just THINK for a minute. If you emailed up, say, AT&T and said "Hey, I want a job!", do you think they'd hire you? Nuh uh. Basic rule: I'm NOT hiring. When I do, I pick from my writers. Why the seeming nepotism? Very simple. Getting a review through staff is a LOT harder than a normal reader review, and if you're not familiar with RPGamer, you'll never cut it as a staffer. Trust me on this one.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Robert "Jade Falcon" McClung

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We have a lot of hate running around this week. Check out Red Raven's and Jade Falcon's reviews, you'll see what I mean ;)
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Review
Journey back.. to a time where people still use whips as weapons 8 Reader: Jake Fiveash
Vanguard Bandits - Retroview
Buying a Game for the Translation 4 Reader: Red Raven
Wild Arms 2 - Retroview
Player Commits Suicide; Game Blamed 1 Reader: Red Raven
Final Fantasy V - Import Retroview
The Name is Butz... James Butz. 5 Staffer: Castomel
Summoner - Review
Most Launch Titles Are Not Successful 3 Staffer: Jade Falcon

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