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Evenin' folks. Ciddy here, once again of my own free will and not because-- *whip* Ahem. Today is a special day, as Red Raven has finally returned! Woohoo! In celebration of his return, I have so aptly titled this update 'Red Rust,' in hopes that his reviewing skills shant ever fade (like mine...Ahem).

Hehe, I'm just kidding, guys... Actually, the idea came to me because I just started a new game of Symphony of the Night the other day. I've found yet another way to challenge myself; no Cube of Zoe, no Spirit Orb and other relics except for those necessary to beat the game... And going through using only the Red Rust weapon! (For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a big, slow, weak, cursed weapon that has a rate of failure when you swing it, causing your character to dilly dally for a moment, trying to draw his sword). At any rate, that's my explanation to you fine people the RPG world, but in all seriousness, welcome back Red Raven! ^_^

Today, we have a nice, albeit tiny batch of reviews. A look at Ocarina of Time, and two reviews on games that have never received any reader reviews! Go readers! =D

I will also make the announcement that the first reader to write reviews for every game currently hosted at RPGamer will receive a handful of relish and a night out with everyone's favorite sexy purring member of PsoV... ME! *dodges incoming tomatoes and broken beer bottles* Um... I think I'll go now. *scampers away*


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    Pokemon Gold/Silver
    The ultimate time killer. 8 Staffer: Jake Alley
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Retroview
    Something Old, Something New 8 Reader: ASV
    Kartia - Retroview
    Greatest Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, Ever 7 Reader: Red Raven
    Lufia 2 - Retroview
    A Creative Masterpiece 8 Reader: Traks

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