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[07/04/01]:I've been playing around with the side bar s'more. Hope this works. I also swept through the code with a fun validation tool and fixed up a lot of mistakes. Hope this helps!

I also have something nifty to unveil: the addition of two extra categories. They are 30 and 50 reviews respectively. What are they going to be colored? Well, 30 will now be red, after of course Red Raven. Whom hasn't written a review in a while. Hey, Red! Don't make me call you! ;) The second category is going to be blue. Thanks to ASV for helping me decide on that one.

I may be taking a trip home later this month (around the 16th), but I have an interview coming up on Friday for a new job. If I get it, I probably won't go back until later on in August or September.

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Dualities, Take 2
My apologies, I wasn't specific enough last time on pokémon games. Games that are released together (Red/Blue, Gold/Silver) will be reviewed as one. Games similar but released separately (Yellow, Crystal, future GBA releases), will be set as unique because they DO have keynote differences, or at least enough points to seperate them from the parent game.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead and Stewart "CiddypooKun" Bishop

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    Can you tell ASV is very bored at his summer job? He now leads reader reviews with a whopping 25.
    Skies of Arcadia - Review
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow... 7 Reader: ASV
    Star Ocean: The Second Story - Retroview
    Woe Is The Battle System! 5 Reader: ASV
    Parasite Eve - Retroview
    Mention Of Reproductive Fluid Constitutes Mature Sexual Themes 6 Reader: ASV
    Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice - Review
    So Hard To Coordinate It Has 7 Developers 4 Reader: ASV
    Secret of Mana - Retroview
    Time Flows Like A River... 8 Reader: ASV
    Threads of Fate - Review
    An Average Game With One Great Character 6 Reader: Josh Gillard

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