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[06/11/01]:A special update, because going gold this time is MrCHUPON. You may remember him as being the first bronze reviewer, waaaaay back when. He tossed four humorous reviews my way, bringing his total up to 18 with this update ;)

Ahoyahoy -- MrCHUP0N, here. Why that pseudonym? Well what's better than a big pink blob that sneezes you off the screen? And YES, I'm aware of what it means in Spanish... unfortunately AFTER I chose the name; but it's all good.

It's great to finally be a gold reviewer! I started writing reviews for Paws since the birth of Points of View (late Spring of 2000), and... uh... it took me this long to get 15 pieces under my belt. Bah. I suppose it's due to the fact that I've completed so few games... Anyhoo, a little bit about myself. Yours truly was born and raised in New Yawk City (New York... =P).

I'm going to be a junior at NYU's Stern School of Business, where I enjoy napping in class and grabbing classnotes from my classmates. I play basketball and the cello, as well. When I'm not doing those other things, I'm bleeding my eyes out in front of some RPG (currently replaying Chrono Cross) and... hold on for a sec... *checks the Lakers/Sixers score*... can't stand the Lakers... anyway. My favorite RPG is Final Fantasy VI, and my least favorite is Final Fantasy VIII. I get chastised by friends for that one but eh, what can you do.

A Nintendo Nut, I've imported a Gameboy Advance and am waiting for that old nut from Nintendo, Yamauchi, to lighten up on his whole "honor" crisis and let Square develop for it already... hey, WAKE UP! I'm done talking about my bland ol' self, anyhow. I'm gonna close by asking you all to put them hands to your keyboards and write them reviews and retroviews. Paws has done a fabulous job putting this section together, and peoples' opinions are valuable as well as fun to read.

Anyhow, I've said way more than enough; I'm supposed to be "taciturn.". On with the show!


(Haven't had enough CHUP0N? -->
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I tend to put in a lotta parentheses in my reviews (just click on any review, you'll see it). I'm trying to cut down (keyword = trying) on using them, but as you can see (quite obviously) they're very intrusive. Make sure to do your best to steer clear of using parentheses unless sorely needed (for some reason I always feel I need them). It'll help make your review more fluid and readable =)
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead and Stewart "CiddypooKun" Bishop

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