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  Celebration! : 05/17/01  

[05/17/01] - Happy Birthday, Points of View! =^^= Wow, who would have thought this little section would have been so successful? I'm very excited, as you've probably guessed. Never did I think when I was hired at RPGamer that I would come to have my own section and such loyal readers and writers. I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, as the success PsoV has today comes right from you!

I have a neat surprise care of BLAlien: stats for the year. If you wanna see nifty facts about PsoV's first year in business, check them out here!. He's put an amazing amount of work into these, and it's pretty interesting to see at a glance what people have given different games and what games were most popular during the year. I was amazed at everything you guys had written! In total, readers have submitted a whopping...

175+ reviews!

Again, my thanks to everyone. Let's hope this year we break 200 submissions!

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Today's Lesson:"What's with that quote?"
Hey, it's a special occasion, so I'm taking a break from the usual lesson. Actually, I've been getting a few people asking me what's up with the quote in my signature at the end of my emails. It's actually a quote from a song I like. Every few months I change it, depending on my mood and if I've heard something I really like. Perhaps if someone guesses it, they can win a cameo in a PsoV update or something as some of the other sections do with quotes. I'll be including it from now on in my updates as well as my emails, just under my name, which is right below this of course ;).
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

"I'm not normal, I know it, I don't care."

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Key to Table:
White: 1-4 reviews submitted.
Bronze: 5-9 reviews submitted.
Silver: 10-14 reviews submitted.
Gold: 15+ reviews submitted.

*sniff* My little baby's growing up. Eew, this is getting disgustingly sappy. I'll stop now.
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