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  H2O : 05/11/01  

[05/11/01] - Well, as you read this, I'm probably flat on my back gritting my teeth in pain or delirium. I had to have surgery done on my toe again on the 9th (If you've been reading the section since its opening, you'll remember this happening last June as well), so I'll be flat on my back doped with Tylenol 3's for several days. So, in the interim, here's Ciddy.

Ciddy:*walks on stage, taps mic* Um...yeah, that was my bad. So I was giving Paws the daily foot massage and...well, you don't need to know the details, but I guess you could figure out from there :( *sniffs as his Foot Massage Certification is taken from him* sigh. There's gotta be some curse looming over PsoV. I've been sick since last Friday with some horrible stomach bug :( Worst part is that yesterday I was taking my AP CompSci test and lo and behold, I feel nauseous...So I ended up leaving in the middle of it, issuing that my test be canceled and losing my +.5 weight in the class. Horrible, ne? That's it, give us pity. More. I said MORE. That's better. Now give us reviews! If not for Ciddy, do it for Paws! It'll cheer her up, no doubt ^_^

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Today's Lesson:"How to address an email"
I know, it seems basic, but I'm still catching people. A few key things to remember. The title should have 'review' in it; the title should not have FWD in it. The title should read "Reader Review - Name of Game". If you just put reader review, I can't tell you from Joe Shmoe down the block who submitted the same way. If you find your review is delayed, it's often because it's been filed into an incorrect folder and I didn't pick it up until a few days later.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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