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*opens one eye, then the other* Hello there, Ciddy reporting. Paws was recently fired for causing the slew of server problems (reasons are classified, but Cheshire Catalyst mentioned something about her plugging her automatic leg-shaver, coffee maker, and interactive Vash the Stampede love doll into the same outlet.) Okay, so I'm kidding (about her being fired at least), but today I will be your humble [guest] host on PsoV! But who am I, exactly? A marvelous question, indeed, with a less-than-marvelous answer!

In short, I'm that Stewart Bishop kid that's been writing you pleasant reviews for the past year or so. After being the first reader to go silver, Paws offered to come to my house and present me my prize; a plastic top, a bag of explosive kitty litter and a live duet by Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson. After much pleading, she finally lessened my punishm--prize to eternal slavery within the confines of RPGamer. So here I am, writing this update out of my own free will and not as a filler because the number of reviews are skimpy. Also, aside from the infamous MrChupon, I'm the only one to have contributed a spoof review. Come on, you guys, I had expected so many of them ;_;

I'm also responsible for the little review author archives on your immediate right. A strange thing is that senior staff reviewer Jake Alley had so little reviews 'counted' towards his color until I stepped in and found about 10 of them lying around the site. So, to my dismay, the hopes of me reaching gold first were shattered, as he had already reached that goal. So I decided to write and become the first READER reviewer to hit gold, till I realized I was staff now. Well, I hit gold anyway, Paws' comp goes on the fritz, Google takes over and I'm forgotten along the pages of time...until now (ooh, does the title make sense now? =D) Such an interesting story, is it not?

Okay, so straying from the shameless plugs, I'm your average run-of-the-mill geek that lives to play video games. When I'm *not* playing video games, I'm usually writing poetry, listening to music or writing fanfics; I've written a couple that are hosted on this very site =D My favorite RPG is Chrono Cross, I like all music except most country and my favorite anime is Trigun. The rest shall remain hidden from the public's eye, not that the public eye would actually be interested in the low-life, scumlike, overworked, underfed grunt of a slave that I am. But now I'm just rambling. ^_^; Well, I better get going, it's almost time for Paws' daily petting, sponge bath and foot massage, and she gets awfully cranky if she doesn't get her way. *hears the crack of Paws' whip echoing through the hallway* uh, yeah. So, I guess I'll see you people later, or never again, whichever just so happens to occur. Till, then, Love and Peace!

*scurries away, screaming "I'm coming, master!"*

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It's Not the System, Really!
Don't go brutal on the hardware. A game might have annoying music, but if it's because the system doesn't allow for any better, don't spend ages droning on and on about it in the review, it's unprofessional. Look at how well the hardware is utilized (compare it to other RPGs of the same system, etc).
  - CiddypooKun

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