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  Techno Energy : 04/04/01  

[04/04/01] - You didn't fall for the April Fool's joke Mistress Nightshadow and I played, did you? Aww, I'm sorry. It was all in fun ;) Just to clear everything up, however, here are the true facts:

1. I am female. Very funny Goog :P
2. I am not running away to Australia to get married, to a person of either persuasion.
3. I will not be quitting RPGamer to do said action.
4. I'm sorry for those who were offended by the joke. I/the Q&A section did get a couple flames. It was a joke, so now we can all get on with our lives.
5. For the record, I'm not a lesbian. I've dated guys for a long time ;)
6. Uhm....can't remember #6. Ah, well, I think that covers everything.

Some good news, some bad news: I got a second job. Good news because I need the money. Bad news? I will no longer be able to attend E3 because I can't get the time off at both jobs ;.;. Ah, well. I'll stay home and do tons and tons of news and new media again. I'll go next year.

On another interesting note, I've decided I'm going to be moving to PEI to go to school. While I probably would have preferred going to Seattle or some place like that, I don't have the grades to make it. Grr. Hopefully I'll be moving for January 2002. No fears! Though I may take an update off to move, I'll still be doing PsoV no matter where I am =^^=.

Good news! I've had a bit of spare time and a decent computer lately (before you ask, mine is still dead. Grumble.), and I've been working on correcting old updates. This includes adding reviews pages, fixing up old code errors, renaming and/or moving files, the whole works. I'm also moving my old updates to the new layout you see below. Pardon while I'm doing this work if you come across a broken link. It will be fixed as soon as possible and usually will not be down for more than 10 minutes (this due more to server cache than me falling behind in work). I figured I should fix all this up because we're coming up to PsoV's first birthday. Yes, exactly one year ago May 15th, PsoV opened and updated for the very first time. If anyone wants to do odd stats like there was at the year end for Q&A, go crazy =^^=.

Now, onto our selection of reviews for the week.

Reviews Submissions BooBoos

Today's Lesson:"Go back for your scores."
The most prominent way I've found people write their reviews is to decide scores first then to write the review. Hey, even I do that. However, it's not always the best way. Once you're done your review, go back and look at your scores. Do they match up with what you've said in the review? Do they really reflect the game as you felt it? Try going back and re-doing your scores, or do like Jake Alley does, and decide your scores afterwards. See which way you like better ;).
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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Key to Table:
White: 1-4 reviews submitted.
Bronze: 5-9 reviews submitted.
Silver: 10-14 reviews submitted.
Gold: 15+ reviews submitted.

Congratulations to ASV, who goes silver this update. Keep on truckin' =^^=.
Xenogears - Retroview
Gundams... Squaresoft Style! 8 Reader: Tommy Moo
Final Fantasy IX - Review
Mixing It With Love Makes The World Taste Good 9 Reader: ASV
Shenmue - Review
Tekken Meets 90210 8 Reader: ASV
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Timeless Fun 9 Staffer: Jake Alley

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