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  Spoofarifics : 04/01/01  

[04/01/01] - April Fool's, everyone! Oh, man, the reviews I got were simply priceless. Read on, read on, you'll laugh.

Warning: some reviews ahead contain spoilers, mild language, and complete inanity. Whatever you do, don't take these reviews seriously =^^= Oh, and don't forget, any errors found within are on purpose.

Alas, today is also a sad day for me, for it will be my last update. Where I'm going to be, I doubt there will be many computers available for me. I hope my replacement has a good time with the section, and to my faithful readers and writers, keep true to the section no matter who spearheads it. This is actually being posted by Googleshng, as by the time you read this I'll be on a plane flying to my new life. I really wonder what living in Australia's going to be like?

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Today's Lesson:"Spelling and Grammar"
Although this is mostly a problem with newer writers, even some of my old pros get suckered. Before you submit, please SPELL CHECK!. I find too many errors, I send it back without reading it. Also bear in mind grammar. Your and You're have two completely different meanings. Don't get suckered. Also think about such things as capitals, periods, commas, and the like, in order to get your review flowing a little more nicely. Generally if it isn't too bad the first time, I'll fix it, but don't think I'll do it all the time ;)
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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Key to Table:
White: 1-4 reviews submitted.
Bronze: 5-9 reviews submitted.
Silver: 10-14 reviews submitted.
Gold: 15+ reviews submitted.

Now, remember, these are horrid on purpose =^^= Also congrats to MrCHUPON, who goes silver with his contributions of spoofiness.
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - SPOOF!
Spoof: Anyone who says this game reeks is wrong. 11 Reader: MrCHUPON
Secret of Evermore - SPOOF!
Spoof: Secret of Evermore -- Maybe Next Time I'll Play It before Reviewing It 47 Reader: MrCHUPON
Diablo II - SPOOF!
Diablo II -- Diary of an Addict Putrid Reader: MrCHUPON
Final Fantasy VII - SPOOF!
Final Fatnasy IIIIIII Review log(cos(360)) Staffer: Stewart Bishop

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