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  Workalohic in Training : 02/19/01  

[02/19/01] - I'm amazed at how much story I missed playing Valkyrie Profile on Easy! I'm glad I played it through on normal difficulty. Lezard is sure a creep. I'm done with VP now and I'm going back and forth between Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and Vandal~Hearts. I had no idea I would like VH so much!

The job search still hasn't sprung me any interviews. Honestly, I'm not surprised but, hey, I'll keep on searching. At least hours at my current job look good: we're going to be combo'ing the two stores in our mall into one big store. We close down February 28th and reopen March 7th, if all things go well. The good part about this? We'll be working 8:30am to, it seems, 9:30pm or so. 12-13 hour days very, very good for the paychecks. Maybe I can even get some overtime pay. I'm also the only non-full-timer that's available all 6 days, so I should be getting plenty of work; I also have a feeling most of the girls working there will quit early anyway because of the complete monotony of the tasks we have to do. The first day we're closed, we have to pack up everything we have left, ring it through the register as leaving the store, and we have to write down /everything/ we had left so the stores we're sending the stuff to can keep everything straight when they receive our stock; should be interesting since only 2 of us are available all day and know how to do it correctly. Well hopefully with this money I can snag some cool games (OB64, Paper Mario, and HM:BTN) and maybe take a trip to go see one of my good friends! I am currently in the works of planning a trip to PEI. That's a small island province in the Eastern part of Canada we call the Maritimes. I think if I go I'll do an update from there ;).

I sent away Red Raven's games and he should be receiving them around the 19th of February. Heh, this was the first time I sent someone in the States something worth more than 100$, so I had to buy a bit of extra insurance for it. Let's hope they get there safe ^^;. I got to talk with his mother when I called to see if they had arrived and to chat with the birdie. Nice lady =^^=.

Now, to the reviews themselves. Even if you don't own an N64, the Paper Mario review is excellent. A must read! Also check out Jade Falcon's tactful retroview on FFVI. A great way to approach a huge fan favorite with a slightly different attitude. A great writer, going ....GOLD!... this update! Hmm, how'd he sneak up on me like that? Okay, next update will be Jade Falcon's showcase. Why is it that the two readers that go gold first are both birds?

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Today's Lesson:"Never give up; never surrender!"
I've been getting a lot of brand new writers. No, that's not the booboo, that's a good thing! The booboo is that, because often they're new writers they forget things. Most often it's scores, but many newbie authors also forget to detail one criteria or another (Wow, the plot was a 6 but you didn't say why? Hmmm...). Anyway, the point is, don't be surprised if you're first attempt is rejected. Heck, even Red Raven still gets rejected sometimes, and Stewart usually is too, but we're harsher on staffers ;) If you have any questions before you submit or after I've rejected a submission, don't hesitate to email me.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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