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Official Staff Reviews
Rime Berta [Read] Mike Moehnke Ruster Berry 2.0/5
Rise of the Argonauts [Read] Adriaan den Ouden The Quest for the Golden Fleece 3.5/5
Rise of the Argonauts [Read] Michael Cunningham Fall of the Argonauts 2.0/5
Risen 2: Dark Waters [Read] Adriaan den Ouden Yarrr, She's Alright 3.0/5
Risen 3: Titan Lords [Read] Glenn Wilson Ten Years after Its Time 2.5/5
River City Ransom EX [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin West Side Story 3.0/5
River City Ransom EX [Read] Anna Marie Privitere Rumble on the Handheld 3.0/5
River City: Rival Showdown SP [Read] Sam Wachter Saving Ricki's Girlfriend, One Game at a Time 2.0/5
River City: Tokyo Rumble [Read] Sam Wachter You're the Best Around 3.0/5
River King: Mystic Valley [Read] Anna Marie Privitere Fishing for Pleasure 3.0/5
Riviera: The Promised Land [Read] Matt Demers A Game with Promise 3.5/5
Riviera: The Promised Land [Read] Anna Marie Privitere Promising Something Special 4.0/5
Riviera: The Promised Land PSP [Read] Jesse Cherry An RPG Made For On the Go 3.5/5
Robopon [Read] Jake Alley When the Cheap Knockoff Costs As Much As the Classic... 1.5/5
Robopon 2: Ring and Cross Versions [Read] Jake Alley A Step In the Right Direction 3.0/5
Robotrek [Read] Matthew Scribner Robotrek 2.0/5
Robotrek [Read] Mike Moehnke Robotrekkin' Across the Universe 2.5/5
Rogue Galaxy [Read] Ethan Pipher Oh Yes, Space is Expansive. It's Also Vapid. 2.5/5
Rogue Galaxy [Read] Cortney Stone Why Save the Galaxy When You Can Create Items? 4.0/5
Rogue Galaxy [Read] Ryan Mack Who'd Have Thought Space Piracy Would Require This Much Paperwork? 3.5/5
Rogue Legacy [Read] Sam Wachter The Rise and Fall of Sir Taco XX, the Useless Knight 4.0/5
Romancing SaGa - Minstrel Song [Read] Phillip Clayton This is NOT Unlimited Saga 3.5/5
Romancing SaGa II [Read] Michael Baker A Saga for the Ages 4.0/5
Rondo of Swords [Read] Michael Cunningham Rondo of Innovation 4.0/5
RPG Maker 3 [Read] Christopher Beaupre Do you have what it takes? 3.0/5

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