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Topic III: Freedom of Speech

Jordan: So, for the last 'topic,' there was a lot of news at TGS. What other news did you find exciting? I'm REALLY looking forward to FF4 GBA

T.J.: As am I.

Michael: The Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer.

Thomas: Oddly enough, for all of my posturing, Suikoden V.

Jerry: MGS4!

Stephanie: Yeah, I would love to have FF4 on the go.

Thomas: Oh, and yes, the MGS4 trailer.

Michael: Haha.

T.J.: Have I mentioned .hack//G.U. yet? 'Cuz I should.

Michael: I'm loving the warzone schtick they've got going there.

Stephanie: Yes, I believe you did.

Thomas: FFIV, being the greatest FF EVER (nod to Slayer ;) is going portable, which is a huge bag o happiness for me, too.

T.J.: Good. Also, Fragment, because it's quite possibly the one thing that would pull me away from FFXI.

Jordan: Yeah. But I want to see it done well. FFIV on the WSC was not so good

Thomas: True enough.

Jordan: But, the WSC couldn't do Mode 7

Rebecca: well, I hope they add in something that makes the game fun.

T.J.: And, for that matter, a FFXI expansion, which will add a job that will, of course, get invites faster than I do.

Stephanie: Meh.

Jordan: what, blue mage?

Thomas: Blue Mage will be useless, I promise you.

Rebecca: totally.

Stephanie: I don't think FFXI should have gotten a number.

Thomas: Unless they throw in 4 million free gil with the job, you can pretty much count me out.

T.J.: I'm a Summoner. Weird and varied methods of attack is what I do! I'm getting owned by novelty.

Thomas: So, I think we can all agree: MGS4, Suikoden V, and FFIV. ^_~

Rebecca: oh jeez, ffxi top... let's get back to the topic.

Stephanie: Agreed.

Michael: JOwy - Haha.

Jordan: I've never played Suikoden

T.J.: And .hack!

Thomas: Gasp!

Thomas: Never?!

Stephanie: I never played Suikoden or .hack

Jordan: nor have I

Stephanie: Or MGS for that matter

Thomas: Oh

Jordan: I DO own all three MGS games

Thomas: I'll flatline if you have never played Persona, Sensei...

Jordan: Sorry Jowy, but you might not make it....

Thomas: Guh. >.<

T.J.: Anyway! Tokyo Game Show is great, now all we need is a Pittsburgh Game Show so I can attend. ^^

Michael: Indeed!

Thomas: Or Portland...we're right across from Japan!

Stephanie: Haha, there ya go.

Michael: Pittsburgh would be great.

Rebecca: I really have never had any desire to play a .hack game

Stephanie: Nerdboy, you have a .hack obsession. They have meetings for those ^_^

Stephanie: Me either, lgs.

Michael: I was gonna venture into them if they ever released them in a bundle.

T.J.: I was one of the poor unfortunates who paid $200 for .hack. It's my Steel Battalion.

Stephanie: Yeah, that would work Slayer.

Michael: Haven't done so yet, so me no buy.

Jerry: except no robots

Stephanie: Exactly ^_^

Rebecca: they could've fit most of those games on one CD

Thomas: What needs to happen: An RPG starring Rydia.

Stephanie: Haha, Yes!

Rebecca: it would be like FFx-2, jowy. XD

Rebecca: hot pants!

Thomas: :P

Thomas: I doubt that!

Michael: I'm holding out for Radiata, DQVIII, KHII, and the FFVII stuff.

Jordan: she's underage!

Thomas: Rydia was far too classy...

Stephanie: Rydia grew up ^_^

Michael: AC and DoC anyway.

Rebecca: rydia grew up in game, remember?

T.J.: Nah. A DS RPG featuring Cid Highwind! You wander around, jab things with a stick, work on flying machines, and chew out anyone and everyone in your path.

Jordan: I still think she was underage

Michael: 17, as I recall.

Jordan: even with the older version

Michael: 7, then 17.

Rebecca: yuna was too, but she was 18 by X2

Jerry: I'm with Nerdboy

Stephanie: Yeah, I think so. 17 sounds right.

Rebecca: and curse into the microphone!

Thomas: Wow! It would sell millions...

Stephanie: ^_^

T.J.: Anyway, folks, I must split. It's been great jawing with you. ^^

Jordan: Indeed

Stephanie: Bye ^_^

Jordan: This might be a good time to wrap things up

Michael: Yup.

Jordan: Any parting thoughts?

Stephanie: Yeah.. I really need sleep.

Jerry: C is for cookie.

Michael: TGS really owned E3.

Stephanie: "Only boring people get bored"

Michael: That is all.

Stephanie: ^_^

Thomas: Overall: I am really looking forward to this year...we're seeing gaming being brought back from the mainstream and back to its roots, with a bit of spice thrown in.

Thomas: Fantastic set-up: 2006 = potential

Stephanie: I am looking forward to several games myself.

T.J.: I can only imagine what the Madden-Halo junkies are thinking about all this. "So it's a remote control? Can I call plays with it?"

Jerry: The future is bright.

Stephanie: Maybe we need sunglasses?

Michael: Shades.

Thomas: Shades. ~_^

Jordan: Agreed

Stephanie: ^_~

Jordan: And on that note

T.J.: I have shades. They give me +1 Goldsmithing skill.

Jordan: This Roundtable Discussion is now closed.

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