News Requirements

Full time news staff are expected to do the following:

 · Do at least five items a week. News stories count as one item, previews as two, and other various tasks will be given a value depending on their size. News stories will always come first, then previews, then other items.

 · Be here at least three of the five weekdays. If there is no news to write, you might be asked to do another task that needs to be done.

 · Abide by the rules of RPGamer.

 · The harder you work, the better you'll be paid.

As a full time news staffer, there is a lot expected of you, but the work is well worth it. Not all of these rules are 100% concrete, but are meant to give you an idea of how much we want you to contribute.

Freelancers are expected to do the following:

 · Do one to three stories per week. Due to budget restrictions, we are allowing only ten freelance stories to be posted per week, and a maximum of eight stories per freelancer per month. Did I mention official freelancers get $10 per published story? That's a possible $80 a month, which is the equivalent of one or two new RPGs, or even a new system in a few months time.

 · Stories will be submitted to me, Doug "Stom" Hill, head of News, for approval. Not all stories will be accepted, and only stories that are published count towards your official count. Reasons for dismissal of a story will be explained upon dismissal of a story. In fact, it might be easier to check with me over a subject before you write about it.

 · Failure to show up for two weeks without notifying me or another full time news staffer will mean your dismissal.

We ask a lot, but we believe the reward is more than worth it. Hey, if anything else, you get to write about RPGs. What could be better?

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