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I have an announcement to make. It's about my current work situation, so it's pretty important. I don't know if I've ever really talked about the school where I work. It's an all-English kindergarten, but I'm not technically one of the kindergarten teachers. I teach an afterschool sub-division of the school, mostly for older kids as well as younger children who have no direct connection to the main school. There's also a third division of the school made up of kindergarten graduates, and I do a good number of those lessons. The main thing is, with the school expanding and the graduates division getting ever bigger and more time-consuming, there was a push from within the general staff to eliminate my part in the establishment.

In other words, I'm leaving this school at the end of the month. The good news is that the very next week I'll be opening up my own school right down the street, as I have managed to retain more than 75% of my current students. The bad news is that I'll also be busy moving to a new apartment next week (old school owns the lease on my current place). As you might imagine, this means I'm going to be way too busy to do any columns until early April.

Still, gotta live the adventure.

I don't know if anyone has noticed (or cares), but I haven't done a Lovely Lady Lab update in several months. That's because there haven't been any new entries in months, unfortunately. The very last LLL to grace the pages of Famitsu was back in October, about the time my previous computer was having terminal conniption fits, so I never got around to scanning it in. While cleaning out my apartment this week, I found that issue of Famitsu. I'm going to have to throw it out with the rest of the paper trash next Wednesday, so I finally replaced my scanning program and got it in digital format.

These two lovely ladies are Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome, of the series Macross F. A video game adaptation, Macross F: Sayonara Tsubasa was released on October 20th, 2011.

Hopefully Hiroyuki Maeda will see fit to continue drawing the lovely ladies in future. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Famitsu Online
2/27 ~ 3/4 Up / Down Title Publisher Platform
3 Last seen at 1 Harvest Moon: Land of Origin Marvelous AQL
5 Last seen at 16 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Square Enix
6 Last seen at 7 Monster Hunter 3G Capcom
10 Last seen at 2 Tales of the Heroes - Twin Brave Bandai-Namco
22 Last seen at 24 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP The Best) Capcom
24 Last seen at 6 Nendoroid Generations Bandai-Namco
29 Last seen at 25 Inazuma Eleven Go Shine/Dark Level-5
30 Last seen at 20 Suikoden: The Centennial Tapestry Konami

It's been almost two months since the last we saw anything of Toki to Towa (Time and Eternity). Unfortunately, these new screens don't show much in the way of new stuff, and the article accompanying them is largely a recap. First, there's a wedding.

Then there is adventure.

But still no word as to what causes A to lead into B. There are all manner of colorful locales involved, of course...

Still, this is just about the prettiest game I've seen in a long time. I am very much looking forward to this one.

Source: Famitsu Online

Another game I'm looking forward to is Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition, mainly because it's coming out tomorrow. To celebrate, here are some screens from Dengeki Online's impression. I'd translate the entire thing for you, but I plan on supplying my own impressions tout de suite anyway.

This should be fun.

Oh, and to answer Varie's rhetorical question from last week, Tokugawa Ieyasu is partnered with an Aggron.

Source: Dengeki Online
Wheel It's About Time!

Yes, as always I'm late with this, but here it is! Hope all is well with you.

So for this challenge, pondering what our favorite games would be like if done by a different developer, there was never any doubt mine would be about Final Fantasy VI. That game is far and away my all time favorite. Who to make it though? Bethesda perhaps? Nah, too buggy. Idea Factory? Nah, too fan servicey. BioWare? Yes, that's the one!

So how to make this a BioWare game? For starters, we'll have a main character created by the player. This brings up an instant issue. Who to use as the main character? Final Fantasy VI is pretty unique among the series in that it often changes perspective, and despite Terra being the main character for the first half of the game, switches to Celes as the lead for the start of the second half. In BioWare's version, we're going to stick to "Terra" as the main character, except she'll be the character created by the player, and can be male.


It could also be argued that Locke was the main character for a good stretch of the first half of the game. Still, good choice for a player-created option. Terra has the fewest entanglements of the three, mainly because she lacked any sort of real romantic subplot. That would make her role more easily malleable, I'd think.

This will require some story changes, but for the most part it will be the same, with some minor choices being made available to the player. Certain characters will have the possibility of not making it to the world of ruin, but the overall narrative will remain the same. During the world of ruin half in the original game, Terra takes on the task of protecting a village full of children before leaving with Celes. This will be the viewpoint of the player for the start of the world of ruin, with perhaps some new party members being added to the game as some of the older children Terra is protecting.


FF6 already had the possibility of Shadow not surviving into the World of Ruin, so that's not too big a stretch. I did think that Celes's experiences at the start of Part Two were quite poignant, though, and I'd be sad to see them go. Flashback material, perhaps?

Now, I said minor choice will be added to the game, but there would also be one brand new huge choice added to the game, that being with the inclusion of three different second halves to the game. The first would be the traditional story, that being Kefka killing the Emperor and bringing ruin to the world. The second would be a difficult one to obtain, but if the player manages to stop Kefka on the floating continent, they could restore the statues to their original place and avert the disaster. The Emperor and Kefka will both perish, and the remainder of the game would feel more like a Suikoden game, organizing a resistance against the remaining power of the Empire. The final alternate half of the game, would be if the player defeats Kefka, and chooses to take the power of the statues for their own. In this, the player would be met with many different choices of how to use this power for good, and depending on what they do the game would either end with a battle against an Empire remnant army led by Kefka (who survives the floating continent in this scenario), or a stunning betrayal by the Returners, deposing the player for mis-using power.


That would definitely be fun, and that would definitely not be something Square Enix would ever entertain putting into one of their flagship titles, unfortunately.

Now that the story changes are out of the way, let's talk about gameplay. Being an older game, I'd just say the Infinity engine would be used here. Each character would have a Dungeons and Dragons type class created to match their abilities, and we'd throw in a unique twist to match the usage of Espers. Any character, upon leveling (after obtaining Espers) can choose to level in a Magic class from an Esper instead of their normal class. These classes would be mapped out to learn spells based on the number of levels put into them, so it would still be difficult to gain spells like Ultima. Terra and Celes in this version would not need Espers, and would continue to learn magic as they level up their base class. The one Wrinkle to the infinity engine combat would be the addition of summoning Espers, which would serve as temporary companions when summoned.


The major characters already fit into discrete classes anyway, so that works pretty well. The Magic classes would also help the player to avoid having all party members being identical in usefulness by the end of the game.

That's about it! Hope you enjoyed this.


p.s. How are Bioware games received in Japan?


Generally well. The last few titles they released in Japan all sold well in the first few weeks and then dropped off the ranking boards, but that's pretty normal for any game that is not Pokémon, Mario, or Monster Hunter.

Thanks for writing in so quickly!

Oh what fun (using the term loosely) next week will be...

And that's the news from Hi-no-Kuni,

Your man in Japan,

Gaijin Monogatari

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