Updates in 2013

Funka,    12.6.14

Summary: We brace for the big eruptions when a popular poll descends from Famitsu's digital slopes, accompanied by news of Legend of Legacy, ambitious slimes, and two portable remakes from Gust and Compile Heart, respectively.

Butsuzen Kekkon,    10.30.14

Summary: Gaijin dresses up for an occasion besides Halloween, and returns with news of Stella Glow, Hero Bank 2, Legend of Legacy, a bit about Makaijin Trillion, and a mystery from Square Enix (that turns out to be a flop). Oh, and we have an actual letter from an actual reader for once!

Omiyage,    10.2.14

Summary: Furyu goes SaGa, Rise of Mana goes nostalgic, Choco-Dogs go RPG, the 3DS goes retro with Faerune, and Falcom returns to the PC with Akatsuki no Kiseki.

Omiyage,    9.6.14

Summary: Japandemonium returns after summer vacation, handing out souvenirs of Dragon Quest Heroes, Hero Bank 2, High School DxD, Disgaea 5, Popolocrois and Harvest Moon, and Etrian's Knight of Fafnir.

Hougen,    7.25.14

Summary: It's time to let it go with a huge number of Japanese covers to Frozen before we take a look at Judas Code, Super Hero Generation, Dragon Qust X in 3D, and a whole bunch of screenshots from Omega Quintet.

Bisho-Bisho,    7.4.14

Summary: Gaijin gets his feet wet searching for news on SaGa cameos for Rise of Mana, Mistwalker's new Terra Battle, a few final bits for Atelier Shallie and Shining Resonance, a first and last look at Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, and a pair of downloadable 3DS games on the radar.

Megumi Tamago,    4.29.14

Summary: Today we look back at an old Gust game that never made it big, witness the stratospheric ascent of Level-5's Youkai Watch, puzzle over the unique oddness of Crayon Shin-chan, marvel at a fantasy reimagining of River City Ransom, dream a dream with Tales of the World, meet the cast of Atelier Shallie, check the May release dates, and say goodbye to an old friend of the site.

Robin Roido no Bouken ,    3.31.14

Summary: The inimitable Robin Lloyd introduces the column, while the Japanese company RikuNavi invites gamers to consider the prospects of employment post-adventure. Then Nippon Ichi sends a wake-up call with its new Fate sequel, Digimon invade cyberspace again, Saga announces SaGa porcelain, Compile Heart summons forth a trillion-HP demon god, and a dusky sea washes the April release dates right into Atelier Shallie.

Sentakki,    2.28.14

Summary: Square Enix has a prefectural romance, Kinki no Magna has its big debut, Asdivine Hearts and Rise of Mana have their moment on iOS, Hyper Goddess Noir has a lot of genres, Pokémon has a new cutie legendary, and we have the March release dates.

Attakai,    2.02.14

Summary: After an unseasonable warm spell, we celebrate St. Valenslime's day with cookies, Maple Story with syrup, OreShika 2 with looks of confusion, Little Tale Story with mixed feelings, and the entire month with the February release dates.

Uma no Toshi,    1.13.14

Summary: We ring in the new year with some well wishes from the industry, then move on to the next Bravely title. After that, it's time for some Natural Doctrine and Super Robot Wars Z-3. We finish with the January release dates.

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