Updates in 2011

Koyomi,    12.10.13

Summary: We pop back in for a quick look at Persona Q, some info on NAtURAL DOCtRINE, another mention of Hyper Goddess Noir (yada yada), and a month's worth each of sales rankings and release dates.

Saigo made tsutsuku,    11.01.13

Summary: Eyebrows are raised as Toushin Toshi makes its mainstream debut, Operation Abyss turns Tokyo into a shadowy dungeon (yet again), Gust merges two of its series somehow, and we also have the November release dates.

Jitensha,    9.09.13

Summary: Our new bicycle delivery service brings news of another social adventure RPG by Shuhou Imai, a prize-fighting RPG from the makers of Yakuza, a ton of screenshots for Dragon Quest Monsters 2, the September release dates, and a round of marital congratulations. Thanks, all.

Kekkon Yubiwa,    8.09.13

Summary: Gaijin has some big news of his own, to share space with information about Gaist Crusher, Gust's time-traveling Chronos Materia, a nice logo for Dragon Quest Monsters 2, DLC and other cool stuff in Metal Max 4, and the August release dates.

Kanban,    6.28.13

Summary: All signs point to new info on games like Hero Bank, Metal Max 4, the Battle Princess of Arcadias, Puzzle & Dragons Z, the July release dates, and an actual letter!

Kanojo no Tanjoubi,    6.07.13

Summary: A lovely lady celebrates a special day. In other news, we hear about Exstetra (the kissing RPG), Super Heroine Chronicle, three Level-5 titles for smartphone, and the June release dates.

Dii Ai Wai,    5.25.13

Summary: Bandai-Namco prepares another giant robot onslaught with Masou Kijin III, Aquaplus responds with ancient pseudo-European hijinks in Tears to Tiara 2, and Compile Heart unveils the first Galapagos title: Fairy Fencer F.

Rihabiriteshon,    5.04.13

Summary: Compile Heart announces the Galapagos Project, Square Enix passes the browser game torch with Millennial Hero, Puzzle & Dragon gets a 3DS expansion, Atelier Escha & Logy produces some more details, and we all get the May release dates.

Tsuucho & Ryoushuusho,    4.12.13

Summary: After doing a bit of bank work, I sit back and relax with news of a new Mewtwo on the block, a cute downloadable game called Witch & Hero, and some solid info on Gyrozetter for the 3DS.

Teeburu Tooku,    4.05.13

Summary: I introduce my students to D&D (sorta), while Bandai-Namco introduces us to SRT: Operation Extend and Level-5 introduces us to Cardboard Senki Wars. Escha and Logy introduce themselves in the atelier, the Digimon introduce their newest game, and 7th Dragon 2020 II introduces the Americans. Oh, and Compile Heart introduces four kinds of Neptunia nuttiness. April Fools material and April release dates also included.

Taifuunami,    3.22.13

Summary: Zillions of Enemy X invade as three RPG-ish titles (and one actual RPG) appear on the iOS. Mind≒0 confuses us with weird notations, and Dragon's Crown flaunts its stuff.

Pii Emu Ni-ten-Go,    3.08.13

Summary: Youkai Watch gets a genre confirmation, 7th Dragon 2020 II gets some coverage, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere gets (more) cleavage, Conception II gets toddlers, tokusatsu fans get Ultraman All-Star Chronicle, and I get the March release dates.

Uedingu Chaperu,    2.17.13

Summary: Nintendo offers up a golden Magikarp and a new Eevolution, a pop idol shills for Dark Summoner, some delayed coverage of Digimon Adventure is offered, we look at Kamigari Demons Trigger for the iOS, and the characters of Sen no Kiseki get introduced.

Shugo & Daimeishi,    2.01.13

Summary: A new Sega IP appears on the iOS, an old series gets a new makeover, the girls of Dungeon Traveler get a lot less clothing, and we get the February release dates.

Sazan,    1.18.13

Summary: It's birthday time for Gaijin, with presents of funny coin-drop RPG-ish games, a sequel to Mugen Souls, a familiar face from NIS in Kami-Para, and more letters than the Culture Corner has seen in a long time.

Dasoku,    1.04.13

Summary: Pokémon trains have left the station with news of strange appearances in SMT4, a ton of New Year's cards, and the January release dates.

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