Updates in 2011

Junbi Suru,    12.21.12

Summary: After some preparation, we have a column with Shining pirates, a flash of Sen no Kiseki, a dash of Tales of Hearts, and a heaping helping of Super Robot Wars.

Kon'yaku,    11.30.12

Summary: Gaijin has some big news to share before talking about a special Victini, the return of the 7th Dragon to Tokyo, the human side of Demon Gaze, a decently long promo video for One Piece: Romance Dawn, and the December release dates.

Daikoku,    11.16.12

Summary: Some kids get their presents from a different fat man, but gamers get news about plush Eevees, cutie monster girls, a new browser game set in Lodoss, and the many moods of a Shining angel,

Kosuchuumu Paatii,    11.5.12

Summary: After a slight delay, we get to look at Halloween costumes, puppy-boy fundraisers, the newest from Compile Heart and Experience, an online sequel to Bravely Default, some digital devils for the Android, and the November release dates.

Kaikoshumi,    10.19.12

Summary: This week we have more news of an accessorized Totori, a bit of clarification on Kami-Para, and a brand-new Shining game.

Kowagari,    10.12.12

Summary: Kindergartners like silly stories, but gamers like news of Atelier on the Vita, pirates in Fantasy Life, a new Summoned Night, and the October release dates.

Zatsuji,    9.28.12

Summary: It's time to clean out the TGS leftovers with swag, cosplayers, infinite Pokémon dungeons, videos of One Piece, Magi, and Toriko, and finally a countdown to Project X Zone.

Doki-Doki, Waku-Waku,    9.14.12

Summary: Gaijin is really looking forward to next week, but in the meantime we have Japanese indie action RPGs, Atelier Ayesha DLC, even more characters (good and bad) for Project X Zone, and a puzzle-RPG hybrid on the iOS, courtesy of RacJin.

Undou Shiyou,    8.31.12

Summary: Falcom has goodies for pre-ordering fans, UnchainBlades Exxiv has some forgotten screenshot, SaGa has a sequel that no one really wanted (as it is right now), and Project X Zone has some real villains.

Doyou,    8.17.12

Summary: It's time for the annual drinks review, along with news of stylish S-E rides, painfully buxom ladies in Horizon, a return to Dungeon Travelers (minus the To Heart bit), UnchainBlades and Students of Round show off trailers, while Kami-Para gets some very nice spritework done.

Haishasan,    8.03.12

Summary: Genesect invades Pokéland, we belatedly get screens for the Gundam AGE games, two expected characters finally arrive in Project X Zone, and the Summon Night series has an unexpected revival on the PSP.

Meiyaku,    7.20.12

Summary: NIS introduces exploding doods for desktops as well as some very cute ladies in Kami-Para. Time & Eternity manages to move away from that wedding (just a little). Kemco has some portable titles, both old and new. And Level-5 is showing us all how fun a fantasy life can be.

Teiden,    7.13.12

Summary: Atlus announces a Persona movie, NIS announces divine paradoxes, CyberConnect2 announces games in movie DVDs, Level-5 announces yet another Little Battlers retooling, and Gaijin announces that he knows absolutely nothing about Culdcept.

Ketsuro,    6.29.12

Summary: The official Japandemonium laptop decides to drop dead, but not before we can report on S-E's (s)lime-flavored chewing gum, Atelier Ayesha's NPCs, Lost Heroes' strange new trailer, Soul Hackers' newest demons, and yes, even more characters for Project X Zone (some of them actually original!)

Gakudan,    6.15.12

Summary:We treat the audience to a unique college orchestra performance, followed by Pokémon theme park attractions, a trailer for Soul Hackers, alchemic escorts for Ayesha, and a short guide to Kyushu in the Culture Corner.

Misumi,    6.1.12

Summary: Gaijin takes a day trip, and returns with new Lovely Lady Lab scans, new characters and video for Atelier Ayesha, new cameos for Project X Zone, new friends and enemies for Neptunia V, new sequels for Elminage and Unchained Blades, and the June release dates.

Kajitsu,    5.18.12

Summary: Hollywood and character cameos collide in Pokémon Black 2/White 2, beta-testing for Zwei!! Online begins in Korea, we get new characters and music (and swag!) for Atelier Ayesha, two Atelier lookalikes get PSP re-releases, Time & Eternity's Japanese title gets a little more literal, and Aselia the Eternal has a sequel, apparently. Also, the May release dates.

Kenchiku,    4.27.12

Summary: Six more Project X Zone characters make an appearance, Class of Heroes opens a new school of play, Soul Hackers is going 3D, Conception proves surprisingly good, and Neptunia goes retro with its newest installment.

Hanamizuki,    4.20.12

Summary: News abounds, with more characters in Atelier Ayesha, strange tidings in Pokemon Black 2/ White 2, three companies colliding in Project X Zone, and finally some info on Nayuta no Kiseki.

Atarameta,    4.6.12

Summary: Gaijin opens his new classroom. On the schedule are Atelier Ayesha, Time & Eternity, Sol Trigger, and the April Release Dates.

Hikkoshi,    3.16.12

Summary: The last of the Lovely Lady Labs graces the column, followed by Time & Eternity and Pokémon + Nobunaga. Oh, and Gaijin's moving.

Fumin,    3.09.12

Summary: Insomnia sets in, so we have extra time to read up on Pokémon history, Nobunaga's own Rayquaza flies in, Elminage descends into gothic horror, Dragon Quest goes on exhibit, slackers unite for a new PSP download title, Imageepoch goes Solar, and there are the March release dates in there somewhere too.

Mukyo,    2.24.12

Summary: Weird dreams accompany historical musings on the new Pokémon game, Keldeo joins the Pokédex, Queen's Blade hits the interwebs, Etrian Odyssey takes to the skies, the last few days of Mugen Souls are explored, and we take a look at Grana Embrace.

Takara no chizu,    2.10.12

Summary: Varie keeps us informed on the historicity of Pokémon's newest title, some silly little Denpa Ningen ride in on a radio wave, an iOS title gets some late recognition, and Gust brings us two interesting non-RPG titles. Also, the February release dates.

Bisa,    1.20.12

Summary: We ring in the new year a little late with news of rivals and villains for Heroes Fantasia and Nendoroid Generations, a few heroes of the week for Mugen Souls, a timeless wedding for Time & Eternity, and the January release dates.

2011 Reviews In Review,    1.10.12

Summary: All the Japan-only reviews done by yours truly in the year 2011, seen in review!

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