Updates in 2010

Santa-san,    12.16.11

Summary: Talk of Santa comes a little early this year, with Zelda-themed playing cards, tons of new mecha for Revelation of Evil God, more split personalities for Mugen Souls, and an old PC title for the PSP (after its US release).

Bii Jii Emu,    12.02.11

Summary: As we enjoy the chintzy music in the background, we also enjoy cute little slime snacks, some actual villains in Heroes Fantasia, more Lost Heroes, an introduction to the seven worlds or Mugen Souls, and the December release dates.

Yama-nobori,    11.25.11

Summary: A trip up and down the mountain gets us some moonlighting DQ9 baristas, more Revelations of Evil Gods, and a new protagonist for Shining Blade.

Pokkin,    11.18.11

Summary: We missed the Day of Pocky last week, but we did manage to catch news of Atelier-themed curtains, more Heroes Fantasia characters, Popful Mail on Project EGG, and another look at an old magic shop sim game.

Yabureta,    11.04.11

Summary: Lots of videos this week, including Dragon Quest Monsters 3, Ninokuni, Maple Story DS, Revelation of Evil God, Little Battlers Boost. There are also screens of Gundam AGE and Code of Princess.

Kosupurei,    10.28.11

Summary: Pinky the Pig shows off his new costume, alongside news of the next Lord of Elemental title, a bizarre crossover game called Lost Heroes, Shining games both old and new, and the very odd concept behind Conception.

Reberu Faibu Waarudo,    10.21.11

Summary: Level-5 put out a whole lot of material this past week, including Youkai Watch, The Little Battlers Boost, Inazuma Eleven Go, and Fantasy Life. In non-Level-5 news, Code of Princess is also mentioned.

Eiken,    10.14.11

Summary: Gaijin prepares for a big test, and Monster Hunter is on the reading list. We also explore Beyond the Labyrinth, hunt pirates with Dragon Quest Heroes, get a little more of Gundam Age to look at, and hear about Keiji Inafune's newest title -- with Compile Heart.

Chikusho!,    10.07.11

Summary: Gaijin's computer takes an unexpected vacation, but all is right in time to talk about cameos in Monster Hunter Online, Keiji Inafune's King of Pirates, NIS's Witch and Cavalry, doll RPGs on GREE, Square Enix's collaboration with Yahoo, and a little more on the final Class of Heroes. Oh, and the October release dates.

Kudakimasu,    09.22.11

Summary: Love stinks, but games don't. Especially not Dragon Quest Monster remakes, Fate/Extra's sequel, Metal Max 2 Reloaded, the support crew from Heroes Phantasia, or Dragon Quest Heroes 3.

Kousokouka,    09.09.11

Summary: Famitsu celebrates an oddly numbered milestone, a diva pops up in 7th Dragon 2020, an introduction to Ragnarok Odyssey, some more screens from Heroes Phantasia, a whole lot of Gree, and the September release dates.

Kyanpingu,    08.26.11

Summary: Today we have a short look at Elminage III, a first look at the new Ninokuni, a pair of business-oriented RPGs, some insights on the new Metal Max 2, and one last trailer for Neptune mk2.

Odoroita,    08.5.11

Summary: A potable surprise awaits us this week, along with news of new JRPGs for the 360, new portable titles from Kemco, manga crossovers in Heroes Phantasia, and the August release dates.

Oikko-chan,    07.29.11

Summary: This week we welcome the next generation of gamers, another semester of Class of Heroes, bounty-hunting on cell phones, swag from Nora's Studio, fun with Slimes, and a farewell to boobies with Queen's Gate.

Remonjiru,    07.15.11

Summary: Let's sit down with some lemonade, and enjoy news of odd Hello Kitty cameos, DemiKids on cell phones, and a new meister RPG for PSN.

Tanzaku,    07.08.11

Summary: Yesterday we celebrated Tanabata, and today we talk about Atlus fan request albums, cabaret kinda-RPGs, a new tale for Makai Kingdom, How to Play Pokémon TCG, new post-apocalyptic fun in Metal Max 2, and a Kemco cellphone summer sale.

Otamajakushi,    07.01.11

Summary: Little frogs serenade as news comes in about Tales of the Abyss special discs, Mana music collections, dating games in OreShika, Little Red Riding Android games, a video for Nora's Studio, and the July release dates.

Kouzui,    06.24.11

Summary: After braving the floodwaters, we look over the latest from the Lovely Lady Lab, "old" people in Atelier Meruru, some special treats for Pokéfans, a few screens from ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers, some more World War Moe, and a bit of discourse on spicy chocolates.

Oyatsu,    06.17.11

Summary: We break out the spicy chocolates over news of old GBA games, girly-girl monsters in Queen's Gate, Level-5's treatment of Gundam, one last look at The Little Battlers, an Ys social game, and a trailer for Ao no Kiseki.

Saboru,    06.10.11

Summary: After some discussion on Japanese verbs, we sally forth with information on DQ menus, Pokémon in 3D, additions to the OG Saga roster, material for two different Imageepoch games, and the June release dates.

Tousanzuwari,    05.27.11

Summary: We finish off the month with news of Persona shows, expensive bargains for Original Generations, more customizing for Grand Knights History, cameos and boobs for Queen's Gate, lots of Falcom stuff, and Wheels' plan for a 7th Dragon Monster Hunter clone.

Sekai no Iseki,    05.13.11

Summary: Japandemonium returns from its Golden Week vacation to find that Tokyo has been invaded by Seventh Dragon, Arfoire is gearing up for trouble in Neptune mk II, Nora's Time Studio is showing off its wares, Nendoroid Generations is having an open house, and Kemco has appeared once again in the indy cellphone RPG market. Also, May release dates.

Mukashibanashi,    04.28.11

Summary: We finish the month a little early with news of Earth Seeker, Inazuma Eleven GO!, a Nendoroid RPG, Patapon 3, and a collaborative effort between Atlus and Gust. Oh, and also story time.

Shiseijuu,    04.15.11

Summary: The Four Sacred Beasts introduce us to more boobs (or lack thereof) in Queen's Gate, two odd online titles, To Heart 2's dungeon-crawling spin-off, the Tower of Pandora, and just a little more coverage of Unchained Blades Rexx.

Sanpo shiyou,    04.08.11

Summary: A couple April Fool's jokes make the news, as well as some serious bits on indie games, Slime Quest, PSP remakes, Pokémon typing, and the April release dates.

lolJapan,    04.01.11

Summary: In a very special edition of JP, Ocelot brings us all the news she can google from the comfort of her home in Hogtown, Canada.

Saisei,    03.25.11

Summary: Gaming news return with a vengeance with Lovely Ladies, shaving Yakuza, new quests for slimes, new Wagontrails to follow, new Devils to Survive, new camoes to ogle in Queen's Gate, new girls in the Atelier, and one new embarrassing adventure title.

Daijishin,    03.11.11

Summary: There's not much to this column. We've got news of a new Atelier (but no title), chibi Black Rock Shooter, White Day goodies, and a very Falcom anime. Nothing compared to the disaster this afternoon.

Kaeruankou,    03.04.11

Summary: An ugly little fish welcomes news of Super Robot Wars Z-2, Red Stone DS, a Clannad-SaGa mashup, Queen's Gate, and the March release dates.

Wataridori,    02.25.11

Summary: Birds of a feather flock together in this update, with lovely ladies, UnchainBlades Rexx for the 3DS and PSP, some late news on the indie front, pre-order goodness from Imageepoch, and even more news for the 3DS potential future lineup.

Usagi no Shippo,    02.10.11

Summary: We celebrate the New Year just one more time with Valentine's treats, three new games from AquaPlus, a new indie SRPG, three monochromatic ladies from BRS, the February release dates, and strange schoolyard goings-on in Tsukumonogatari.

Mujina,    01.21.11

Summary: Japandemonium faces tricksy little spirits in search of news concerning Queen's Gate, two new indie titles, Students of Round, and Shiren on the mobile phones.

Otoshimono,    01.14.11

Summary: This week we receive some holiday greetings from the giants of industry, along with news of Super Robot Wars Z-2, Final Promise Story, and the latest in Japanese Wizardry.

Usavich,    01.07.11

Summary: Japandemonium starts the new year right with a few Christmas greetings, screens from Queen's Gate, a new indie title for Japan, an RPG for Android, the January release dates, and a short video from our new lepine overlords.

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