Updates in 2009

Koutsuu anzen,    12.17.10

Summary: Reader questions return to the column, as does the Lovely Lady Lab, Inazuma Eleven 3 (The Ogre), various odd Sakura Wars news, boobs from Queen's Gate, Aya Brea costume fun, and cute stuff to buy for gamers.

Mijikai desu,    12.10.10

Summary: Short column about Jipang Seven, Hotroit Stories, and SaGa 3 is still short.

Ryomaden,    12.03.10

Summary: ImageEpoch gifts us with two interesting and apocalyptic PSP titles, which we follow with two RPG-themed card games. And JuMeSyn provides a letter of truly epic length.

Kanshasai,    11.26.10

Summary: This week, we are thankful for embarrassing RPG lady pinups, tactical calendars, new DSi-wares, the portable remakes of Tears to Tiara and Atelier Violet, and music from Square Enix.

Keitai de asobou!,    11.19.10

Summary: Japandemonium gets mobile with a phone-centric column. Featured are Alphadia IV, Fly Height Frontier, The Summoner of Glamkahd, and Kikai Gakuen VANIS.

Keitai de asobou!,    11.19.10

Summary: Japandemonium gets mobile with a phone-centric column. Featured are Alphadia IV, Fly Height Frontier, The Summoner of Glamkahd, and Kikai Gakuen VANIS.

Hokkaido-fuu,    11.12.10

Summary: The mercury drops, and old games rise again. Like Venus & Braves, Romancing SaGa 2, SaGa 3, and Super Fossil Fighters. Also including the November release dates.

Yomigaeru,    10.29.10

Summary: JP returns from the grave with sniffly Pokémon, Criminal Girls, gamer bloodbanks, and record-setting commercial campaigns.

Tonkichi Butayama,    9.10.10

Summary: Gaijin's assistant makes an appearance and presents us with White Knight Chronicles for the PSP, Yuusha 30 (Second), and the September release dates.

Daidai-iro,    9.03.10

Summary: Japandemonium gets colorful, then zeroes in on Falcom trailers, editorializes on SaGa 3, wonders about Sega mysteries, and sing annoying Disney songs about Solatorobo.

Natsukashisa,    8.27.10

Summary: We wax nostalgic a little before looking at the latest Lovely Ladies, chatting about Catherine, chasing some Shining Hearts, braving new dungeons with Shiren, socializing with S-E, and rocking out to the latest from Falcom.

Kankou suru,    8.20.10

Summary: Gaijin returns from vacation with info on Persona concerts, Criminal Girls, mysterious McDS offers, even more mysterious video game teasers, some commentary on the nature of cell-phone gaming, and a really long reply to a letter about sexual orientation.

Sofuto kuriimu,    8.6.10

Summary: It's an amazingly busy week in JP with news of Class of Heroes pin-ups, Pokémon clones and dungeon crawls on the DSi, a new name for Solarobo, a first look at Shining Hearts, a possible new genre classification for Patapon 3, and the August release dates.

Aburazemi,    7.30.10

Summary: The drone of the cicadas accompanies some lovely ladies, as well as news of DQ desserts, new cameos in Lord of Vermillion 2, Final Fantasy Legends for cellphones, a few bargain-bin items, and some risqué beach towels courtesy of Queen's Blade.

Gen'ei no hasha,    7.16.10

Summary: After seeing the latest Pokémon movie, we continue with even more Poké-news, Neptune pin-ups, Agarest 2 lovefests, cool new summer RPG drinks, and the finest in plastic models.

Nora neko,    7.09.10

Summary: Kittens make everything better, especially when paired with free Japanese comics, news of the next Yakuza title, a couple of interesting cell-phone games, and some bargain-bin PS1 titles.

Mabo dofu,    7.02.10

Summary: Tales of... curry recipes, with a side order of Blue Roses, prepared by Narikiri cosplayers, and served by Ninokuni's imaginary friends.

Kakijun,    6.25.10

Summary: Lovely ladies and silly comics preface news of young Yakuza having fun, reverse werewolves in Solarobo, special cameos in Neptune, and new games for the iPad.

Mimikaki,    6.11.10

Summary: Scratch your ears as you read comics about life in Japan, first screens of Earth Seeker, special McDS offers, Jaseiken Nekromancer's return from the gaming dead, and a minor mistake from last week is corrected.

Hatoyama shusou ga taijin,    5.21.10

Summary: PM Hatoyama is on his way out, and coming in are news of DQ-themed water fun, Metal Max 3 swag, two new faces for Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, alter egos outed in Neptune, and the June release dates.

Nanja korya?!,    5.28.10

Summary: Break out the odd drinks and enjoy the latest of the Lovely Lady Lab, a free-to-download PSP title, a PC game where anyone can be the hero, some nice tidbits for Narikiri Dungeon, and the Cap'n making it happen in DQ Monsters Joker 2.

Tsubame,    5.21.10

Summary: Swallows fly low, and news rains down about absolute PSN avatar makeovers, vehicular homicides in Metal Max 3, custom robots in Solarobo, a new side-story for the Lineage universe, and the latest screens of Pokémon Black & White.

Mikazuki no toshi,    5.14.10

Summary: Gaijin returns from the Crescent City with news of Monster Hunter card games, Dragon Quest Monsters and Battle Road Victory, Digimon heroes and heroines, and brawling Yakuza boys.

Shiranui-kai,    4.30.10

Summary: Pirates assault the Lovely Lady Lab, after which we are treated to a summer session of Class of Heroes, pencil Jikan de Fantasia into our schedules, zero in on the newest Falcom title, wonder at the wonder twins of Narikiri Dungeon, and a Harvest Moon treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Rakugakicho,    4.23.10

Summary: The menu has changed at Luida's Bar, Neptune joins the console wars, the Tokyo Exorcists show up, we go on the radar for a few items, and Level-5 does the time warp again.

Itachi,    4.16.10

Summary: Special offer Celebis arrive, along with more info on Medabots, Inazuma Eleven 3, new screens for Solarobo, and new classes for Metal Max 3.

La poisson d'avril,    4.01.10

Summary: Aujourd'hui on presente la colonne en japonais, avec les nouvelles de Solarobo, Full Metal Alchemist, Narikiri Dungeon pour le PSP, Vampires & Alchemists, et les dates de sortie pour le mois d'avril.

Hina ningyo,    3.18.10

Summary: Monster Hunters congregate at a Japanese theme park, whilst nightmares haunt Summon Night Granthese, Falcom characters face off in mortal combat, a Gust character gets on Twitter, and we welcome a true SaGa anti-fan.

Magosamui,    3.12.10

Summary: News of a Queen's Blade convention accompanies the Tegamibachi RPG, Metal Max 3, a few final comments on Legendary Hero's Legend, and the March release dates.

Jugyosankan,    2.26.10

Summary: The Lovely Lady Lab beckons us to enjoy news of Sgt. Frog, custom themes from Resonance of Fate, Tales cameos on The IdolM@ster, and some nice swag for EO3 and Endless Frontier EXCEED.

Tezukuri,    2.19.10

Summary: Yummy chocolates, along with Valkyria Valentines, news of a new Inazuma, the first new Pokémon of the next generation, Home Tutor Hitman, ghost girls on Twitter, and Asagi's invasion of Prinny 2.

Arashi,    2.12.10

Summary: Mr. Saturn sightings, Monster Hunter V-Day goodies, more screens from God Eater, Majin action, and some decent art for an awful Last Rebellion.

Shippai,    2.05.10

Summary: Presenting a website for the anime-lingo impaired, more Keroro craziness, some Classic Dungeon sprite designs, Atelier Judie swag, odd choices of media for the FFXIII special edition soundtrack, and the February release dates..

Kaze wo hiichau,    1.29.10

Summary: The Lovely Lady Lab returns, as well as Heroic Makeovers, Gaijin's impressions of Atelier Judie, some long-awaited view of Last Ranker, an odd DQ6 commercial, and the entire menu of Luida's Bar.

Shunkashuutou,    1.22.10

Summary: Japanese comic parodies abound, along with DQ-themed pubs, Persona-themed jewelry, a few new shots of Digimon Story, and the 2009 Year-End Sales Stats.

Untenmenkyo,    1.08.10

Summary: Starting the year off right with holiday greetings, Sakura Taisen revues, some Ghibli news, Evangelion cameos, news of Prinny 2, Killzwald, and Fate/EXTRA, some interesting items out of Gust, and the January release dates.

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