Updates in 2007

Yuki-daruma,    12.19.08

Summary: story details for Mario & Luigi RPG 3, character customization in Sacred Blaze, more dungeon-making goodness, and more on Destiny Links

Kaede to Ichou,    12.12.08

Summary: Cute little swag dolls, a new Dissidia character and custom PSP, and some details on Devil Survivor

Nekojita,    12.05.08

Summary: Last-minute Blazer Drive info, some Atelier news, both old and new, and Chaos on the Brain

Baka Janai?,    11.28.08

Summary: Another short column with Dissidia, more board game RPGs, mobile ninjas, and a lot of crossover game information from the fans.

Meibutsu,    11.21.08

Summary: A short column with news on Sacred Blaze, RIZ-ZOAWD, and a new DS crossover game from Dengeki.

Wasamon,    11.14.08

Summary:Digital maids, wicked clowns in Dissidia, more Destiny Links playable characters, On the Radar with Pipopa and Gadget Robo

Enka,    11.07.08

Summary:Gaijin does the Happy Dance, lots of Level 5 pictures, straight talk on Sacred Blaze, and closing the book on Your Hero

Happi Harouiin,    10.31.08

Summary: Halloween in Japan, Level 5 popstars, the End of the After, online dungeon gaming, and an urban legend

Kouin ya no gotoshi,    10.25.08

Summary: RPG banks, Revolting Prinnies, Witches on the Riz-zoawd, More Blazer Drive screens, info on The Seventh Dragon's story, a bit of Atelier action, RPG pedometers, and Destiny Links

Undoukai,    10.11.08

Summary: Nintendo's new ad campaign, Dungeons & Dam, WWMoe-bile, two new Inazuma games, new and old games On the Radar, and Angel Love Online for the PS3

Shubun-no-Hi,    09.27.08

Summary: Big news from Level 5, more Cross Edge characters, Item Getter, some new games On the Radar, and more on Your Hero

Chikuwa-Mimi,    09.19.08

Summary: More on The After, plus an introduction to Kizuna and Atelier Annie. Sigma Harmonics and RIZ-ZOAWD make appearances as well.

Tadaima!,    08.30.08

Summary: Long story short: FF Dissidia, Tengai Makyo Collection, Your Hero, Ragnarok Online DS, Hero's Saga Laevantein, Gadget Robo, Elminage DS, Building Our World, Blazer Drive manga, Inazuma Eleven anime, Wind of Nostalgio, and Ellark.

Natsuyasumi,    08.01.08

Summary: Pokémon vacations, Mystery titles from Atlus, Zweii! some swag from S-E, more Cross Edge crossovers, and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Unagi,    07.22.08

Summary: A whole lot of lovin' for the PSP, with Garnet Chronicle, Patapon 2, Rareland Story, and School of Sword and Magic. And eels.

Oisa! Oisa!,    07.14.08

Summary: Persona Cards, updates on Steal Princess and Pokémon Ranger, On the Radar with CCG and PSP games.

O-nomimono,    07.07.08

Summary: Strange Japanese beverages, a new album cover, Zwei II, Inazuma Eleven, Blazer Drive, Be the Villain, and a straight course to Nostalgia.

Gohan,    06.30.08

Summary: Japanese robotic alliance, more Sigma Harmonics news, World War Moe, Pokémon Platinum and assorted swag, plus discussion on giant monsters in video games

Donburi,    06.16.08

Summary: Japanese tech news, yet more tactical games, one nameless game, The Alchemist of Lemuol, a ferret in swag, Avalon Code, and The Yellow Brick Riz-Zoawd

Tsuyu,    06.05.08

Summary: Japanese Science news, Greek heroes, Greedy princesses, Tons of ninjas, Pokesaurus Rex, and a new Mystery Dungeon for the DS

Meifu,    05.30.08

Summary: A diabolical look at Convenience Stores, Disgaean High Schools, a Jigsaw Puzzle Battle Royale, the buddy system à la Zwei 2, and the Rhapsody remake

Shu-shu-po-po!,    05.19.08

Summary: Quick Fixes, On the Radar with: Spoiled Princesses, Mafia Home-Tutors, Arcade Card Games, and Wii-tastic Board Game RPGs Sigma Harmonics, and busty Super Robot babes.

Goruden Uiiku,    05.02.08

Summary: Cybersuits, Japanese MMORPGs & hoodlums, New School RPGs, More Square Enix mobile phone info, Superstition and Insurance in Japan

Sukyanaa Daisuki!,    04.21.08

Summary: News from Japan, Inazuma 11, Dokapon Journey, Pokémon Ranger secret missions, Steal Princess, Valkyria propaganda, Getting to (and around) Japan

Tashika ni,    04.14.08

Summary: Story retractions, More news from Japan, Massively Multiplayer Mobile Phone Online RPGs, Rydia's Story, Mana Khemia 2 details, Japanese home-stay programs

Fuzakenaide,    04.01.08

Summary: The Japanese Bureau of Verification and Fact-Checking recommends that you do not believe anything mentioned within this column.

Howaito Dei,    03.12.08

Summary: Phones who talk back, Knights in the Nightmare, more Alchemy on the way, an old movie revisited, and the Black Mages

Sumomo mo momo,    02.19.08

Summary: Summon Night DS, Soul Hacking by cellphone, Persona figurines, and a new Pokemon arcade game

Hai-en,    02.04.08

Summary: Poison Pink scans and art, FFIV: The After info, From The Abyss

Jisa Boke,    01.18.08

Summary: Happy New Year, Square Virtual World, Inazuma 11 info, Summon Night 2 DS scans

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