Updates in 2007

Bonenkai,    12.21.07

Summary: Tournaments, Tales of Breaker, and a lot of giant robots

Keitai Denwa,    12.14.07

Summary: Old games made new, New Persona on new hardware, and Chocobo sightings in Shinjuku

Kitto Katsu,    12.07.07

Summary: KitKats and the Japanese education system, Cherry Blossoms and the Olympics, and more on card games

Mou Sukoshi,    11.30.07

Summary: All-New Potion news, Collectible Card Games (but different), Endless Flonne, and a bit of swag

Shichi-Go-San,    11.16.07

Summary: Birthdays and Updates, News from Disney, a Fashion Show, and Japanese Toilets

Ikuzo!,    11.09.07

Summary: Imps, Wrists, Persona 3 for Mobiles, Octopus

Atarashii,    11.02.07

Summary: Friends of Mana, Tons of swag, Ar tonelico, Prinnies, Potions

Deeto Shimashou,    08.22.07

Summary: Agarest Senki, Tears to Tiara, Operation Darkness, Rondo of Deception || First-person pronouns, Fun in Japan, Translating

ShaShinShuuShuu,    07.22.07

Summary: Wings of the Goddess interviews, Ragnarok Online II screens, Operation Darkness screens, Rezel Cross screens || Kuril Islands, JET, accident-prone robots

Hanabeez,    07.05.07

Summary: Growlanser VI characters, Parasite Eve sequel, Last Remnant Screens || Shinzo Abe's faults, Choppin' sticks

Kaisen Setsudan,    06.27.07

Summary: Verizon problems, Beach Bonfires in Japan || Superfluous vocabulary elaboration

Chart Toppler,    06.18.07

Summary: Mana-Khemia Characters, Three Kingdoms MMO Abilities || Japanese Mail & Gaijin Do's and Don't's

Oishii,    06.03.07

Summary: Guan Yu Statue, Dissidia Update, Mixed Drinks & Mixed Genres || Ramen recipe & Curry Conundrum

Yousha,    05.20.07

Summary: More Dissidia!, DROIYAN Open Beta, Opoona Battle System & Enemy Details || Useless Recipes

Dissidia,    05.13.07

Summary: Final Fantasy Dissidia, THE 3rd Birthday, Ten Years of Pokemon, The wailing wall of requests from SE PARTY 2007 || Ancient Scrolls

Kirei,    05.06.07

Summary: Dokodemo Issho's Birthday, Taikon Masters for the DS, Square Enix Party 2007, Battle Tracks Vol. 01 || Holidays in Golden Week, History of Japanese writing style

Hisashiburi,    04.29.07

Summary: FFT commercial, Kawa no Nushi Tsuri, Three Kingdoms MMO, Famitsu Awards 2006 || My intro and Japan pictures

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