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For some reason my weekends have gotten extra exciting ever since I started Japandemonium. Maybe I should push my update day to Monday.

This week I have more details on Final Fantasy Dissidia, including character details for Light Warrior, Garland, Zidane and Kuja. Square Enix is probably the only company that can release character details on already well-established personae and call it "news."

I also have a big story on Opoona, an upcoming RPG for the Nintendo Wii. Lots of details on the characters and battle system will be included below. The game looks like fun, so I hope you enjoy checking out the new information.

And lastly, some Japanese recipes for you culinary geniuses out there. Trust me, you'll have to be a genius to make use of them.

For it's first appearance on the Dengeki, Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War hit #1. Right underneath was Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

At least Sony broke into the top slot with the PSP, which is nice. Besides the new topper, it was a somewhat slow week for RPGs. Digimon and Kingdom Hearts dropped off altogether with nothing to replace them.

Position Title Publisher Platform
1 Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War Square Enix
2 Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Square Enix
5 Super Paper Mario Nintendo
17 Monster Hunter Portable Capcom
25 Dragon Quest Monsters Joker Square Enix
32 Final Fantasy Square Enix
36 Pokemon Diamond Nintendo
37 Pokemon Pearl Nintendo
39 Persona 3 Fes Atlus
Source: Dengeki
Square Enix

More information about Final Fantasy Dissidia, the "Dream Festival of Final Fantasy" has been released. They reiterated that it will be a 1-on-1, 360 degree 3D battle arena wherein your favorite characters throughout the series will gather. So let's check out what else they have in store.

In the spirit of Final Fantasy RPGs, you will be able to level up your characters and increase their power. Using your own characters, you can play against your friends through the included LAN function. Sounds pretty exciting so far.

Included were some character descriptions, which I'll list for you now. Unfortunately, no one besides the original four have been confirmed yet, but I'll be sure to keep you updated. As a side note, they mention that "Dissidia" means "differing opinion." Through this game they want to create a "different opinion" of the Final Fantasy series in the minds of fans.

Warrior of Light - The protagonist of Final Fantasy, this warrior bears a crystal to protect a world shrouded in darkness. Unlike the original, he is equipped with shield.

Garland - A boss character who opposed the Light Warrior in the original Final Fantasy. He is not only a powerful adversary, but a master of magic. The giant sword that he bears can transform into an axe or a pair of blades.

Zidane Tribal - The main character of Final Fantasy IX. He's an optimistic young powerhouse with a weakness for girls. His strength lies in his speed and the dexterous use of his twin knives.

Kuja - Zidane's archenemy from Final Fantasy IX. His soft face belies his brutal demeanor. He fights in mid-air, accompanied by glowing balls of light. He fights without weapons, instead utilizing powerful magic to corner his opponent.

Source: Famitsu
MGAME JapanMGAME Japan is opening their MMORPG DROIYAN for beta testing, between June 1st and June 27th. The game will be set as a science fiction adventure in outer space. Anyone can participate in the online beta for free, but you must sign up for an MGAME Japan ID.

Source: Dengeki
KoeiKoei has published details on Opoona, the Wii-based RPG set to go on sale this summer in Japan. Some particulars of the Battle System have been brought to light, as well as some of the regulars from the rouges gallery.

The RPG will utilize the "Nunchacku" controller to activate attack methods such as "Force" through the use of "Energy Bon-bons."

Please note that the picture of "Milk Shower" is missing. This was done in order to protect our lactose-intolerant readers.

Using the Nunchacku, you can gather clusters of energy called "Energy Bon-bons" to damage enemies. Get ready to rock, roll and shake your bon-bons.

Before firing off your "Energy Bon-bons", lower the stick to store up energy. You can alter the storage time to exchange speed for power. If you find this dirty, well it's your own damn fault.

Depending on the timing of your energy storage and actions, the time allotted for future actions can change. This is the nature of "Active Bon-bon Battle." Rule #1, don't talk about Active Bon-bon Battle...

When firing off your "Energy Bon-bon", you can determine its direction through the motion of the control stick when you raise it. Stop giggling, I mean it.

"Force" is the action of releasing all your stored up energy at once. A pure soul can utilize holy "Force", but a soul stained by darkness uses dark "Force."

When there are too many enemies bunched together, you can use "Full Blast" to knock them apart. This particular attack is not as strong, but will hit all enemies.

"Homing 5" is a Force attack that follows and strikes the enemy 5 times. It is useful against opponents with high stamina.

"Synchro Flame" is a special attack that engulfs enemies of a matching type in fire. Copoona executes this attack using his holy power.

"Flower Therapy" is a Force ability that will heal all friendly characters of abnormal effects, such as Poison and Paralyze. As this technique draws from the healing power of nature, only Porina may use it.

"Faerie Smile" is a spell that will revive party members who have fallen in battle. However, success is not guaranteed; you have about a 60% chance each time.

"Milk Shower" causes animal milk to rain from the sky and put your enemies to sleep. While it does not do any damage, skilled use of this technique can easily turn the battle in your favor.

"Acid Soap" is a Force attack that damages all enemies with acidic bubbles. Only Copoona is able to use this technique.

Bon-bon strength can be altered by the type of items you equip. There is a limit, however, so you must choose carefully between "Coating" and "Option" items.

"Spike Shield" is one of the Option-type items you can set. It is most useful against enemies with hard bodies.

"Plasma Coat" is a Coating-type item that surrounds your Bon-bons with plasma. Upon striking an enemy, the Bon-bon will also damage adjacent enemies.

"Random Hearts" is an Option that will inflict a variety of status effects upon enemies you attack, such as Poison or Paralyze.

"UFO Ring" calls forth UFOs to revolve around your Bon-bons. They cause great damage upon striking an enemy.

Setting the "Airbag Capsule" item in advance will allow it to revive you in case you fall in battle.

Here are some of the "Dark Rouges" that you will encounter throughout your travels.


Killer Screen

Blue Dragon

Ultima Golem

Ankle Keyton

Sun Busan

Mega Puchira



Source: Dengeki

Here are the recipes I promised. They were instructions left for me when my friend returned to Japan. Some of the stuff may be specific to my situation and therefore require a little critical thinking on your part.

Fried Rice - Heat it up in the microwave. (It was already made)

Miso Soup - Pour water into cup, microwave 1 minute. Put Miso and ingredients into bowl, pour in boiled water and stir.

Ocha Dzuke - Pour water into cup, microwave 1 minute. Take rice from the freezer and cook in microwave. Put rice into bowl. Put Ocha Dzuke ingredients into bowl, pour in boiling water and stir.

Seaweed and Salmon Rice - Take rice from the freezer and cook in the microwave. Add in the fixin's from the refrigerator.

If you buy ramen from the Chinese grocer... - (Darling's favorite is the Shin-Ramen for $1.00)
1) Pour about this much water into a small pot and boil. (see picture)
2) Add in the soup and noodles
3) Cut an egg in half and add both halves to the pot
4) Stir occasionally (Be careful not to touch the egg!)
5) After about 4-5 minutes, place in a bowl and eat.

If you buy (brand name) Curry from the Chinese grocer... (Not pre-made!)
1) Warm up some water in a pan.
2) Put in the curry and let it simmer.
3) Take the rice from the freezer and warm it up in the microwave.
4) Place the rice and curry on a plate and eat.

There is still plenty of raw rice left so feel free to use it in the rice cooker. (Before putting in the rice cooker, mix some water in with the rice until it turns clear.)

Exciting, huh? Oh well, I'm sure some of your Japanophiles out there will have fun with that. The most useless recipes ever :) . Next weekend I have my sister's graduation to attend. Oh boy, I foresee more late nights.

Mata ne,

Bret "CactusLeaf" Mayer

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