Azure Dreams

Monster Rancher meets Tamagotchi meets Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon meets traditional RPG. How does the result look?

   Konami's Azure Dreams combines dungeon crawling with monster rearing and traditional combat. While the results aren't for everybody, they make for a compelling RPG that is well worth checking out. Monsters are captured within the tower and become your allies. Each monster has a variety of abilities and skills you can use in combat. Finding powerful monsters is important, because everytime you leave the tower, your level returns to zero! Only monsters remain behind to help you as you begin the ascent again.

   Control is awkward, as the view is isometric but the controls are not. With time, however, players will adjust. Graphics are adequate if not revolutionary. While the game will not appeal to everybody, some will fall deeply in love with it. Others will find it insanely non-traditional. Regardless, RPG fans should take a look. Azure Dreams is due to be released in July 1998 for the Playstation.

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