Elemental Gearbolt

Not an RPG, but the most beautiful light gun game ever.

   After playing Elemental Gearbolt for a while, we can resolutely conclude that it is not an RPG, but "merely" a light-gun game. The RPG elements seem to consist mostly of choices made at the end of the level. You can choose to allocate a certain percentage of your points to your score and a certain percentage to your experience. More experience means a more powerful weapon and greater defense - but a significantly lower score. More score means a high score (crucial for Working Designs' EG contest) but a weaker weapon. An interesting twist, for sure, but hardly an RPG.

   That said, it is clearly the most beautiful light-gun game ever made. Forget industrial parks and stodgy old mansions: EG takes you through caverns, cityscapes, underwater, through the skies, and more. It is not dissimilar to Sega's Panzer Dragoon series. Graphics are impeccable - not just cops and hostages here. The musical score is simply gorgeous. The levels feel like environments and worlds that you pass through, not shooting galleries. Victor Ireland explained that the game is being published by Working Designs, and not Spaz, because it feels like a Working Designs game. Odd as that may sound, it's true. Elemental Gearbolt is perhaps the most RPG-feeling light-gun game ever produced. Consider it, then, not an RPG but highly recommended. EG will be released on the Playstation in June 1998 and supports all major light guns.

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