Magic Knight Rayearth

It's still coming ... and it'll be worth the wait.

   It's several years overdue, but it's still coming to the Saturn. Working Designs still plans to release it despite almost assured losses on their part. They're just that great.

   2D graphics are the order of the day, but the richness of the environments and the level of animation make up for the technological (almost) backwardness. Working Designs' trademark care has been applied to every aspect of the conversion process. Each of the three girls you control now keeps a diary in her own unique handwriting. At the touch of a button, any of the dozens of pages can be read out loud by the girl. Key dramatic scenes in the story are also now punctuated with voice dialogue.

   Magic Knight Rayearth is an above average game that has been elevated to greatness by Working Designs' touch. It will likely be in short supply when it is released in Summer 1998, so reserve your copy now. The final jewel in Saturn's crown, Magic Knight Rayearth is more than a good game: it's a piece of history.

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