Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Will the Lunar series finally receive the widespread accolades fans feel it deserves?

   The Lunar series for the Sega CD has created some of the most devoted (if not religious) fans out there. Lunar: The Silver Star, however, and its sequel Lunar: Eternal Blue, had the misfortune to be released on one of the most spectacular video game system failures ever: the Sega CD. A few gems (most from Working Designs) couldn't compensate for mountains of crap, and the system died a quick and grainy-FMV-filled death. But now the first game of the series has been ported to the Playstation - and Working Designs is translating it to the U.S. Could this be Lunar's big break?

   Graphics and music have been enhanced from the Sega CD version to entice newcomers. Fans of the original will be thrilled to find that entirely new dungeons, plot twists, and even characters are now to be found! And through it all runs the thread of Lunar's excellent story, undeniably the highlight of the series. While Square claims that Final Fantasy VII's theme was "life," some would argue it was really "angst." Game Arts' RPGs eschew the horrific world-ending plotlines that Square loves so much, and makes their games into enjoyable romps. Oh, sure, melodrama and tragedy are abundant - but they have a basic optimism at their heart that makes them shine.

   Working Designs has high hopes for the first Lunar game on a major, thriving platform - as well they should. Fans of the original will create the word of mouth that will drive new fans to the series. About 50% of the text is similar to the Sega CD game, while 50% is new to the Playstation version. All cultural references have been updated to more modern in-jokes. And text, for the first time in a Lunar game, will include LOWER-CASE LETTERS! Huzzah! Look for Lunar: Silver Star Story complete on the Playstation this October. (That is, of course, a Working Designs October - so mark your calendars in pencil.) Regardless of when we actually play it, however, RPG fans can rest assured it will be worth the wait.

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