Saturday Update Konami, Working Designs, and more to come!

   RPGamer would like to apologize for the lack of updates today, but E3 has taken its heavy toll and we didn't get to sleep at all Thursday night. Come Friday afternoon, once the show was over, we hit the beds with a vengance.

   More RPG news and information will be available tomorrow: movies, screen shots, and artwork of Konami's Hybrid Heaven and Azure Dreams - as well as a bit of information on Suikoden II! Also information on Working Design's upcoming projects and plans as gleamed from an interview with Victor Ireland. We also spoke with the co-producer of Legacy of Kain II as well as staff members on many other exciting RPG projects - and you'll find them here first!

   Also, Final Fantasy VIII has a release date (to clarify) of Fall 1999 / Winter 1999. Meaning any time from September to December during 1999. But as the game will probably not be released in Japan until March 99 (or later), the delay is typical of most RPG titles. Besides, you'll have Parasite Eve and Xenogears and Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Kartia and more to keep you busy for a long, long time to come. Look forward to the conclusion of RPGamer's E3 coverage - tomorrow!

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