Quest 64

THQ offers a simple yet enjoyable RPG for the Nintendo 64.

   THQ, a company previously unknown for its RPGs, is displaying two action RPGs here at E3. Quest 64, their Nintendo 64 offering, is an inoffensive and all-around excellent first effort. The hero, Brian, is your traditional anime hero with a huge cowlick. The graphics of the game are simple but effective - they get the job done. The spell system is fairly unique. You have powerful stones of the traditional four elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Combining two, three, or four of these stones results in defensive or offensive spells. Battles take place in pseudo real-time. You can move your character around within a set octagon as his "action" meter charges. When the meter is full, you can attack, use an item, or cast a spell.

   In many ways, however, the game is fairly simplistic. For example, Brian is the only character you will ever control - there are no parties or alternative characters. Weapons proceed in a linear progression - instead of weapons with some advantages and some disadvantages, you have a steady progression of stronger weapons and armor. Also, there are no shops: all items you need are either found or given to you.

   Regardless, Quest 64 is a solid, enjoyable game - and an excellent first effort. Younger gamers should enjoy it immensely, while older gamers will certainly want to rent it once or twice. For RPG starved Nintendo 64 fans, this is as good as it gets ... until Zelda. Quest 64 will be released June 15, 1998.

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