Master of Monsters

ASCII's Playstation port of a Genesis classic.

   Master of Monsters was released for the Genesis in the early 90s. While it wasn't played by many, those who did play it often fell in love with the unique fantasy wargame strategy gameplay. ASCII is now releasuing a Playstation port of the Genesis game, updated with some new graphical and musical twists, but keeping the solid gameplay core gamers loved.

   Graphics are colorful, if small and not extremely animated. Monsters are moved about on a hexagonal grid a la Military Madness. When two monsters meet, they engage in close-up battle with larger sprites. These sprites are situated on a hexagonal grid, and the camera rotates around them (and the sprites change accordingly) as they exchange attacks and spells.

   Master of Monsters looks to combine classic gameplay and in-depth strategy with updated (though not revolutionary) graphics and music. It is due for a release in June 1998.

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