Atlus seeks to dominate the strategy market.

   The company that brought you Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre - practically creating the strategy RPG genre in the U.S. - looks to continue setting the standard with their new strategy RPG Kartia.

   The first thing hardcore gamers will notice is the addition of Yoshitaka Amano's artwork to the box design. Atlus has listened to their gamers - they wanted Amano, and they got him! His character designs (Amano was responsible for Final Fantasy I - VI) give the game a gorgeous, tradtional RPG flavor that no other artist can match.

   Kartia, in many ways, offers the "big is better" method of game improvement and design. You can control up to twenty characters per side - more armies than parties! There are also two quests - one for the boy and one for the girl - that will take upwards of 30 hours apiece to complete. Environments are also larger than Final Fantasy Tactics' small (abliet beautiful) environments.

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