Parasite Eve

Square's "cinematic RPG" is absolutely gorgeous.
While we're on the subject of gorgeous ...
Aya Brea at Christmas
Eva and Aya
Aya the pin-up Girl
Eva sings
Eva mutates
Aya stretches
Parasite Eve's logo
Aya with gun in evening dress
Aya in evening dress
Aya in evening dress (shoulders)
Melanie in evening dress
Melanie in evening dress (shoulders)
Dollis and Baker
Wynn and Torus

   Parasite Eve is on display at E3 in all its glory. The game is truly moody, and features lengthy CG sequences - and lots of them - interspersed with a unique battle system. The battle system serves as a hybrid of Final Fantasy VII's Active Time Battle and Secret of Mana's Real Time Battles. You can move Aya around the screen as you wait for weapon to charge, then dart in, attack, and dart back out.

   The small amount of dialogue this correspondent saw looked great - lots of colloquialisms and natural sounding speech. Parasite Eve, of course, was designed from the start to be translated into English - perhaps that explains why the translation quality appears to be so high? Regardless, the game is looking excellent. Check out these pictures and artwork!

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