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Although it has been fueled with little hype, Infograme's Silver for the Dreamcast made a very good impression on this E3-going RPGamer. The action/RPG was swallowed up in a small corner of Sega's E3 booth, surrounded by bigger names such as Jet Grind Radio, Power Stone 2, and Eternal Arcadia.

The Dreamcast version of Silver is different from its already-released PC counterpart only in its style of control. The PC version of the game uses a point-and-click system for movement and attacks, and plays very similarly to Blizzard's Diablo. On the contrary, the control scheme of the Dreamcast game has been redone in a style similar to other console action/RPGs such as the 2D Legend of Zelda titles.

Silver begins with the main character's beloved being kidnapped by a typical evil-doer, who is obviously just a pawn in some larger scheme. The hero and his grandfather pursue the girl, battling enemy soldiers along the way. They fight their way into the village, where the maiden has been taken by ship along with dozens of other kidnapped women. The hero and his grandfather meet with other villagers to form a rescue plan as the story unfolds.

The gameplay in Silver is what this writer would expect from a darker, more medieval interpretation of the Square classic Secret of Mana. At the player's disposal is an array of attacking, shielding, and evading techniques, which are all easy to use with the Dreamcast controller. The hero's grandfather is controlled by the CPU, attacking enemies and following along, similarly to the characters in Secret of Mana.

For those not familiar with the PC version of the game, Silver uses polygonal characters on prerendered backgrounds, and the overall blend is very pleasing to the eye. The graphics are a bit dark and moody, but not too dark. The game really portrays a medieval feel, and the whole package really comes together well. Silver is due for release sometime this summer, but until then, stay tuned to RPGamer for media and any new revelations concerning the game.

by Andrew P. Bilyk  

Andrew P. Bilyk

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