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Gust Provides Lots of Details, Media for Atelier Firis


Atelier Firis

Gust released some new details and screenshots this week, plus a large selection of gameplay videos, for its latest Atelier title, Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey. In addition to three new characters, the developer provided some information on the game's flow and gameplay features.

The first new character introduced is Annelies Exner, a 29-year-old librarian. She works at the Information Institute, which gathers informations from adventurers. She is clearheaded but also clumsy. The second character is 16-year-old traveler Tiana Paschen. She is filled with energy and often sells the things she finds on her adventures to the main protagonist Firis. Finally, Fritz Weissberg is a 55-year-old puppeteer. He is a former mercenary who has retained his swordwielding skills, and is the father of the playwright Drossel.


Atelier Firis starts with the title character eager to go out adventuring. However, to do so she must first pass the tests required to become a Chertified Alchemist, which will be held a year into the game. The tests consist of a written exam, where players answer multiple-choice questions within a time limit; a synthesis exam, where players are judged on how many high-quality items they make in the time limit; and finally a practical skills exam, which judges powess in combat.

Once Firis assumedly passes the test, there are various things she can do as a Certified Alchemist in the game's many fields. These fields can be above ground, below ground, or even underwater, and feature lots of landmarks to discover. Firis can fish, encounter monsters, and gather items in the fields. When gathering firis can choose to use an item to help her, which may result in otherwise unobtainable materials.

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The game features special quests that can have a big impact on the relevant fields. One example shown was a quest that resulted in a bridge being built, granting easy access to the other side of a river. Players will also be able to synthesise on the go with a portable atelier. Firis can set this up anywhere there is a bonfire. Players can decorate their atelier with a variety of furniture.

Atelier Firis is due out in Japan on November 2, 2016, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is planned for release in North America and Europe, but no date has been provided for its western release.

Field Exploration


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