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Fallen Legion Announced for PS4


Fallen Legion

Developer YummyYummyTummy unveiled its 2D action RPG Fallen Legion in a PlayStation Blog post this week. The game takes inspiration from fighting games for its battle system and is planned for release on PlayStation 4 in summer 2016 in both North America and Europe.

A key character in Fallen Legion is Princess Cecille, who starts the game on a battlefield with her army staring down an approaching army of beasts. Following the death of her father, the King of Fenumia, Cecille inherited both the responsibility of ruling and a set of relics, including a talking book that gives life to weapons and turn them into soliders.

Combat sees Cecille joined by these weapons, known as Exemplar. Players are able to switch control from one Exemplar to the other, allowing them to chain together moves and unlock special attacks. Players can also use correctly-timed guards to stagger enemies or unleash counterattacks. As well as straight combat, Cecille will also need to make split-second ruling decisions and side with certain factions. These choices affect the citizens' opinion of Cecille, which in turn provides buffs for battle. Some screenshots and a thirty-second gameplay clip for Fallen Legion can be viewed below.

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