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Infinity Blade Dated & Priced


Infinity Blade

Game developer ChAIR announced today that the highly anticipated iOS action-RPG Infinity Blade will launch via the App Store on Thursday, December 9. Infinity Blade is a universal app, which allows gamers to play the game across all their iOS devices for the single retail price of $5.99. Infinity Blade will be available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iTouch 3, and iTouch 4.

Infinity Blade features a robust single-player campaign that welcomes anyone to jump into epic boss battles with simple touch controls and an intuitive combat interface. Through basic swiping commands, players can spar with opponents, upgrade skills, cast spells and loot items. Players gain experience by building stats and unlocking achievements to earn more powerful items in their quest to overthrow the God-King’s stronghold and free the kingdom’s citizens from an endless legacy of darkness.

Future content updates are planned that include a fully integrated multiplayer mode that enables players to battle friends and other players online via Game Center. Check out the latest screens here.

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Infinity Blade
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