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Last Rebellion Details Hit the Web


Last Rebellion

NIS America's web page for Last Rebellion describes some details for many aspects of the upcoming RPG. The background of the story involves a world in which there are two gods: one of creation and life, and another of death and destruction. The power of the god of life, Formival, is responsible for the rise of undead creatures which can only be destroyed by those given abilities from the god of destruction, Meiktilia. The kingdom of Lorvin is now surrounded by the undead creatures, protected by magical barriers to keep the land safe, but Nine and Aisha are summoned for a decisive move against the continuous threat.

Nine and Aisha are a "Blade" and "Sealer," respectively - both of these classes are necessary, gifted by Meiktilia, to defeat Belzeds (the undead). Nine is a rather haughty character with a distaste for rules of the land, and has a widespread reputation for his skill as a Blade. Aisha is a strong-willed Sealer with great potential, having been locked away after an accident of her powers that claimed innocent lives.

Most notable and unique about the battle system of Last Rebellion is the nature of switching between Nine and Aisha during combat. This title is scheduled to release in February 2010 for PS3, according to the official website.

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Last Rebellion
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