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Foto Showdown Announced for North American Release


Foto Showdown

Recently this week, Konami announced that Monster Finder, cleverly renamed Foto Showdown, is making its way to North America for a Q1 2010 release.

Foto Showdown is a DSi exclusive title that utilizes that utilizes the system's camera. Players can use the camera feature to snap photos and directly incorporate them into the gameplay. The game will also allow players to snap pictures that spawn monsters based on the dominant colors in those photos. Players will use their battle tested monsters to face their rivals in no-holds-barred turn-based duels, with each monster harnessing its own unique skills that it can use in combat.

Foto Showdown offers over a one hundred levels to explore, alongside winning tournaments and beating opponents. The more players upgrade the skills of their monsters, the better chance they have at defeating their rivals. With 152 monsters, players will be busy trying to capture them all through the lens of their camera.

Check back with RPGamer, as Foto Showdown makes its snappy debut Q1 2010.

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Foto Showdown
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