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New DS Lufia to be a Lufia II Remake


Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods

Last week, Square Enix announced that it was developing a new game in the Lufia series, known as the Estpolis series in Japan, for the Nintendo DS. According to this week's Famitsu, Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods will be a remake of the classic Taito RPG, Lufia II. Square Enix will be making some major changes to the original, the most prominent being that Estpolis will be an action RPG, while the original was turn-based. Estpolis will also feature 3D graphics and voice acting.

The majority of gameplay will take place on the top screen of the DS, with the bottom screen showing a map of the area and party information. Players will be able to tap party members during battle to execute combos. During boss battles, the action will expand to take place on both screens, with characters controlled on the bottom screen. Dungeons will still feature puzzles, which were a popular feature of the original Lufia series.

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Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods
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