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Are you on Twitter? Do you like to win awesome prizes such as free games and swag? If you're not on twitter, but love to win free prizes, why aren't you? RPGamer wants you to follow us on Twitter for a chance to win great prizes. How does one get on this action? It's simple.

For starters, if you don't have a Twitter account, but want in on our free draws, create an account. If you aren't following us already, visit our Twitter and follow us. From there, you can stay up to date of all of RPGamer's Twitter contests. Some contests will involve us simply tweeting a phrase and asking you to retweet it back as fast as you can. Other contests might be more involved such as trivia questions.

What is a retweet? A retweet (RT) is a copied reply of what the tweeter just said. For example: @merrygodown: RT: @rpgamer "[insert phrase here]". Make sure you include @rpgamer so that we know you are responding to our contest. Entries that do not include this will not be counted.

Want in the action? You'll have to retweet to win. Next week, we will have even more to give away, so follow us now for your chance to win.

Unless stated otherwise, these contests are open to North Americans only. As always RPGamer staff and employees of publishers involved in the contests are not eligible.

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