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A Charity Approaches...Command?


RPGamer is pleased to announce our official involvement in this year's Extra Life gaming marathon. This time we're asking you to reach for your wallets instead of your potions.

Extra Life is an annual charity event where participants pledge to game for 24 hours on October 17th in exchange for donations. These gifts go to Texas Children's Hospital to fund pediatric cancer research and treatment.

RPGamer kindly asks that you consider donating to this worthy cause by sponsoring one or more of the members of RPGamer's official team. You can find the team page and all of our participants linked below. Alternatively, we invite you to become part of the Extra Life cause yourself and join our team!

RPGCast members will also be streaming live during the entire marathon, so you can pop in and watch some of those you sponsor as they work through the games you pick for them. The Live stream will start October 17th, at 8AM Central Daylight Time at

Extra Life is organized by Sarcastic Gamer and more info can be found on as well as the official site, If you have questions or just want to suggest what games the RPGCast members should play during the live stream, you can visit the forum thread below. We extend our deepest thanks for all contributions and participation and we look forward to playing with you on October 17th.

RPGamer Team Page

RPGamer Team Member Extra Life Pages
Sabin1001 - Chris Privitere
Noodle - Sarah McGarr
Kiro - Victor Balbian
James Pagel
Mychal Robillard

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