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DLC Coming to Fable 2 and The Last Remnant


The video game industry gets a hat trick this week for DLC announcements. In addition to the DLC announced for Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360 and PC, DLC will also be coming to Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 and The Last Remnant, which is currently out on the Xbox 360 and scheduled for release on the PC and PlayStation 3 in the future.

The meat of the upcoming Fable 2 DLC is the Knothole Island pack. After downloading this pack, players will be able to travel to Knothole Island, which was once a paradise but is now dying, freezing, and covered with snow. The trials of the three shrines must be faced to return Knothole Island to its previous state. The Knothole Island DLC pack will cost some measure of Microsoft points, but Lionhead Studios is also providing a free DLC pack. The free pack will be a required download for players who want to play co-op with others who have already downloaded Knothole Island. Both free and paid downloaders of this content will receive bonus gifts including Knight's Boots, Assassins Gloves, a special Weight Loss Potion, a collectible silver book, and more. This DLC should be released sometime in mid-December.

Those who are looking for more challenges from The Last Remnant will be interested in its DLC for the Xbox 360 which was just announced today. Four DLC packs will be available for The Last Remnant, all of them free except for one. The first free pack, called Challenge Pack 1: Purgatory's Sins, will be released on December 1 for Xbox Live Gold members and December 8 for Silver members, and contains some extra-challenging guild tasks. The second free pack, called The Key of the Ancient Ruins, will put a key to some ancient ruins into players' hands, and has the same release schedule as the first pack. The third free pack, Challenge Pack 2: The Price of Lies, will release on December 22 for Gold members and December 29 for Silver members, and will add even more challenging guild tasks. The fourth pack will cost 100 Microsoft points, will release on December 15 for all Live members, and will unlock the Scatterswarm, Goblet, and Catapult formations, which were previously only available with a pre-order code.

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