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Little Magician to Cast its Spell on North America


Little Magician's Magic Adventure

Konami announced a new game this week which is sure to bring out the Harry Potter in all of us. Little Magician's Magic Adventure for the Nintendo DS is a cross between a simulation RPG and an adventure game. Players explore the world and attend classes in Magic Academy, where they master the art of magic while interacting with fellow students and other NPCs.

The player's avatar can be completely customized, with hundreds of different articles of clothing to wear. Players will also customize their home with hundreds of different pieces of furniture. There will be 150 unique characters in the world, with which players will form bonds. Forming bonds with certain characters will unlock new abilities and spells, in addition to changing the storyline and adventures experienced. There will be 52 different adventures to embark upon and solve. Little Magician's Magic Adventure will feature multiplayer over Wi-Fi, which will allow players to experience unique storylines and interactions, and to chat with anyone in the world using the game's "global magic alphabet."

Little Magician's Magic Adventure is currently set for a February 2009 release in North America. The latest screens for the game can be viewed here, and the latest art here.

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Little Magician's Magic Adventure
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